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  1. Dave commented on Luann 6 months ago

    The Bouncer looks like the Love Child of Col Zebo and Les – shudder.

  2. Dave commented on Michael Ramirez 6 months ago

    Gee, I wonder where Putin learned how to disrespect the US President? Ramirez, Ramirez, Anyone, Ramirez?

  3. Dave commented on Michael Ramirez 6 months ago

    And your side has Trump, Cruz, Gohmert, Palin, Santorum, Carson, McCory, Pence, Lee, Grassley, etc. ’Nuff said.

  4. Dave commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 months ago

    Ah, the Millennial Revolution

  5. Dave commented on Lisa Benson 6 months ago

    Oh that’s rich considering how both Cruz and Trump’s tax plans would increase the national debt through tax breaks for the top 1% that even scrapping the entire defense budget wouldn’t even make up the deficit.

  6. Dave commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago


  7. Dave commented on Ink Pen 6 months ago

    The kind of corporate restructuring I like. Now if we could only have regular trash pick-ups.

  8. Dave commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn 6 months ago


    This has to be the most useless editorial cartoon ever. It’s just a caricature of some random person who isn’t even in the news.

  9. Dave commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    Ryan, like Julius Caesar, wants the GOP Convention to beg him to take the crown. Eddie Munster is not fooling me.

  10. Dave commented on Pooch Cafe 6 months ago

    Poncho has left the building!

    BTW, Poncho HAS to go to Las Vegas with Chaz and Carmen. Just imagine the carnage and havoc! Unless this is going to turn into a Home Alone type arc. But still think Poncho terrorizes Vegas would be better.