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  1. psyhco_dad commented on Drabble over 2 years ago


    God Bless America

  2. psyhco_dad commented on Zack Hill over 2 years ago

    little duck tape to fix the problem haha

  3. psyhco_dad commented on The Born Loser over 2 years ago

    I used an iron all though college cooked soup and sandwichs used to bricks to hold the iron so the heat surface wouldn’t move worked like a champ little frying pan and a pot good to go plus could control the tmp from a simmer to fast boil. and when they came in for room check no problems cause no cooking equipment to be found

  4. psyhco_dad commented on Daddy's Home over 2 years ago

    I-15 in Utah not only long but have to contend with the worest and rudest drivers in the world

  5. psyhco_dad commented on The Dinette Set over 2 years ago

    Look in the bushes

  6. psyhco_dad commented on Freshly Squeezed over 2 years ago

    A woman wrong haha Just say yes dear I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  7. psyhco_dad commented on Baldo almost 3 years ago

    best roast beef on the cow

  8. psyhco_dad commented on Baldo almost 3 years ago

    And to think it only took the title 12 pages to complete all the VIN numbers to that vehicle. lol

  9. psyhco_dad commented on Agnes almost 3 years ago

    God shows his contempt for wealth by the kind of person he selects to receive it.
    Austin O’Malley

  10. psyhco_dad commented on Motley Classics almost 3 years ago

    pet doors works wonders