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  1. hoyacougar commented on Mike Luckovich 8 months ago

    Let politicians do what politicians do. For the rest of us, Love your neighbor. No exceptions. The world will be a better place.

  2. hoyacougar commented on Nick Anderson over 1 year ago

    I don’t think anyone believes that any of the 4 boxes have a true statement in them. They are all false statements and evidence of nothing.

  3. hoyacougar commented on Signe Wilkinson about 3 years ago

    Radishes comment is not original. It’s been running around facebook for a while now…


  4. hoyacougar commented on Chuck Asay over 3 years ago

    Mr King is correct. All media is a business. There is no ‘msm’ conspiracy. Rants about ‘msm’ are really code for ‘I hunt down news sites that agree with me and only read those.’ No bias there is there?

  5. hoyacougar commented on Dilbert Classics almost 4 years ago

    Good approach; when attacked by a single idiot, expand your reprisal to insult an entire group.

  6. hoyacougar commented on Michael Ramirez over 4 years ago

    Ramirez’ regular supporters here keep repeating the same mantra, ‘you lefties are duped’. Maybe you and your handlers should start coming up with solutions instead of just attacking attempts by others to lead …

  7. hoyacougar commented on Clay Jones over 4 years ago

    the Romney’s don’t drink tea

  8. hoyacougar commented on Speed Bump over 4 years ago

    i think Barb is right; it’s a simple play on the player’s number being 911

  9. hoyacougar commented on Lisa Benson over 4 years ago

    Lisa, you are pure evil

  10. hoyacougar commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 5 years ago

    yea, a repeat, but a classic