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  1. metalmike commented on Pluggers about 2 years ago

    I have a converter for my Discman that I can put in the cassette player for my ’95 Corolla so there. I can also use it for my I POd Shuffle even !!

  2. metalmike commented on Monty over 2 years ago

    Death Race 2000 is way much better

  3. metalmike commented on Dog Eat Doug over 2 years ago

    We have to put our buddy down as he’s really losing it. So Sophie gives me comfort during this time. He’s my housemates but feel like he’s part of me.

  4. metalmike commented on Frazz over 2 years ago

    I live in New England and pot hole season has just begun. I used to ride a bicycle of both types. My touring bike had 90 lbs of pressure in the tire and my mountain had 50 lbs. I could cruise faster on my touring but would use the mountain because it was better than bending my rims. Also I could jump curbs or off with impunity on my mountain bike.

  5. metalmike commented on Dog Eat Doug over 2 years ago

    thanx C Davies Appreciate the thought as I live in the Boston MA area

  6. metalmike commented on Pluggers over 2 years ago

    I have a ’95 Corolla with 257,000 on it so is that a classic ??? Runs great and hardly any rust.

  7. metalmike commented on Overboard over 2 years ago

    like how the picture turned about myself

  8. metalmike commented on Pearls Before Swine over 2 years ago

    Don’t poke the bear.

  9. metalmike commented on Get Fuzzy over 2 years ago

    when are we going to get new ones ?

  10. metalmike commented on The Flying McCoys almost 3 years ago

    Beat me too it.Coal for the I.R.S