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  1. MrSpock commented on State of the Union about 7 years ago

    LIT said: “Aw, come on. FDR wasn’t that bad.”

    Lewreader said: “…our founding fathers…wrote a lot about what the federal government cannot do.”

    fogey said: “This is why…taxes for ‘general Welfare’ are constitutional…”

    George Washington said:

    “Let there be no change in the Constitution by usurpation. Change may seem to be an instrument of good, but it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”

    He was warning against the wrongful interpretation of the enumerated rights of the federal government.

    The General Welfare clause, noted Washington, was not a grant of power. To interpret it that way would be an “encroachment” on the intent of the Constitution.

    This opinion essentially held true until the election of FDR.

    The New Deal was justified on the basis of the General Welfare clause.

    From 1935 the Supreme Court overturned 8 of 10 New Deal proposals–including Social Security– on the basis that they were unconstitutional.

    FDR attempted to “stack” the court by seeking the authority to appoint up to six additional justices who would uphold his legislation.

    This was referred to as the “Revolution of 1937”. It precipitated a Constitutional crisis.

    FDR explained to the nation, “we have therefore reached the point where we must take action to save the Constitution from the Court and the Court from itself.”

    Chief Justice Hughes said that FDR’s plan was a threat to the “Supreme Court’s historic role as guardian of the Constitution.”

    Hughes thought that if the federal government could so broadly interpret the “general welfare clause”, then the policy of “tax and spend” would become an enumerated power.

    The court, in an act of self-preservation, then decided to uphold key aspects of the New Deal.

    Said one Justice, “We voted against the Constitution to save the Court.”

    (Sort of like George Bush saying, “We suspended free market principles to save the free market system.”)

    Chief Justice Hughes later wrote that the court surrendered to FDR because their resistance “might have resulted in even more radical changes.”

  2. MrSpock commented on In the Bleachers about 7 years ago

    Isn’t that a delay of bedtime penalty?

  3. MrSpock commented on Baldo about 7 years ago


    Please see the movie message I left for you at SOTU.

  4. MrSpock commented on State of the Union about 7 years ago


    I waited to post this late so as not to be a distraction to the thread of comments. Some people don’t like the chatroom conversations.

    Regarding your love of old movies, my favorite site is a very obvious one: Turner Classic Movies. I always have a great time there.

    Do a google search or simply click here:


    There you will find message boards, trivia, quizzes, chat groups, polls and a lot of fun stuff.

    To join a group or start your own group simply click on the Community tab.

    Hope you enjoy.

  5. MrSpock commented on The Argyle Sweater about 7 years ago


  6. MrSpock commented on State of the Union about 7 years ago

    Jor-El said: “…the challenge has been to balance the sovereignty of the states with the authority of the federal government.”

    My state is a good example. A dispensary for medical marijuana recently opened in the neighborhood.

    In the past, DEA agents would raid such a clinic because it was in violation of federal law.

    Now, the feds say they will no longer do so unless the clinic is in violation of both state and federal regulations.

  7. MrSpock commented on In the Bleachers about 7 years ago

    A side effect of steroid use, no doubt.

  8. MrSpock commented on Cathy about 7 years ago


    No, I wasn’t serious at all!

  9. MrSpock commented on Garfield about 7 years ago


    There are movie trivia sites that I visit where you can take quizzes and chat with other movie buffs.

  10. MrSpock commented on Garfield about 7 years ago


    If we’re not careful we could turn Garfield into a movie trivia forum.