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  1. Lassie1 commented on Get Fuzzy about 10 hours ago

    I went to the nursery and bought bags of potting soil. They told me it would be a lot cheaper to buy two big bags instead of four small ones, but I said we weren’t able to lift the big bags any more.

  2. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 3 days ago

    (Best Buy will take old CRT TVs, free of charge, here. There really is no place else!)…My shows are mostly on PBS. Once Upon A Time and Sleepy Hollow are good; I found GoT a little too gruesome. But I can’t wait for The Walking Dead to come back in October! Best show ever.

  3. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 3 days ago

    I never knew that! Wow, learning something!….I remember driving to get gas one rainy day, passing a soaking wet young guy walking alongside the road a few yards from the gas station. I pumped my gas, went in, and he was at the counter buying a lottery ticket. He rubbed off the numbers, got nothing, threw away the ticket, and went out the door to walk back home in the rain. I felt really bad for him, if all he had was a dollar for a lottery ticket in hopes of hitting the jackpot or even a few bucks to buy a 6-pack and a sandwich.

  4. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 days ago

    That’s kind of bizarre. The big beard in the sky takes pity on me, points and alakazam!!! – I has a success! … But if the big beard gets bored and walks away, then only I am responsible for my failures? That’s how it works? … How about if I am successful due to my own efforts, and if I fail, I go around bleating, ‘it was Tha Devil. Tha Devil made me flunk math, it was Tha Devil made me lose my job.’ Would that sound better? Same principle. (I would sound deranged and off my meds, but its the same principle.)

  5. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    I just order off the senior menu section, if they have one, like at diners. Otherwise, I would feel funny arguing with a 16 year old cashier, flashing an AARP card for that big 10% off.

  6. Lassie1 commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    I prefer Bucky caught with his ‘foot in mouth’ again.

    I like to read our newspaper online now. I always check the comment section, and the more bleatings by tinfoil hat wearing, woman hating, bitter Obummer loathing gun nuts, the more I know the article is true. (Because there is nothing the nuts like more than whipping up a frenzy of conspiracies and lies, just making carp up and throwing it out there to see what sticks! Paranoid, lying liars get desperate.)

  7. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 4 days ago

    What? Are you implying I lost my wits?? Why, I have half a mind to…….grrrrr…..

  8. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 5 days ago

    I really don’t know! All that sounds as foreign to me as hearing of the religious rituals of a remote tribe living deep in the Amazon. I would like to say, however, I’d LOVE to pay a visit to your world of formal dinner parties. And a red dinner jacket! That your dad borrowed to wear to go dancing! Holy Cow! That is so intriguing! … I grew up in Joe Lunchbox land and so this is unfamiliar to me, we never entertained much except an occasional holiday. To this day, we just don’t. But it sure sounds fun, like a costume party, like a 30’s movie.

  9. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    It’s illegal to talk on a cell phone here while driving. And yet I see pluggers of all ages and sizes STILL yakking away driving with one hand.

  10. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 6 days ago

    Nope! As for Calcutta, maybe it’s the smell of Indian curry? or since they don’t have modern plumbing in most of it, well….I needn’t say more.