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  1. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 hour ago

    The Amish run puppy mills. I will never buy anything made by the Amish again.

  2. Lassie1 commented on JumpStart 2 days ago

    Is that Howie Mandel next to Howard Stern? because Howie Mandel can’t be touched because of his germ phobia.

  3. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 days ago

    shot of tequila? I don’t know why anyone goes to a bar to do shots. One and done for me.

  4. Lassie1 commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    Well, of course he will, he’s the WWI flying ace in France! ‘Poor girl is distraught, curse this war! I must prove to her Americans are a decent, caring lot. Perhaps we will go to the cafe and drink a root beer together.’ That is the utter genius of Charles Schulz.

  5. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    Yep. We had some, too. Religious fundies cling to each other because the whole sinful world is full of sinners. They feel like geese on an island surrounded by a sea of alligators, and being friendly is putting a foot on the slippery slope to H-e-l-l.

  6. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 4 days ago

    I have one, grown, a testy, beautiful, impatient, smart girl. On occasion I’ll show her a picture of me back in my prime and she will express wonder and amazement: ’that’s YOU??’ Yes, my dear. Gaze upon this wreck closely, and (as they say about Ruth in the Pirates of Penzance) you may discern there are the remnants of a fine woman here…

  7. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 5 days ago

    Yes, you can get a spool of black or white harsh polyester thread in the dollar store for a dollar, or maybe two for a dollar. But ‘good’ cotton thread in a fabric store is stupidly expensive. Though $12 for a bag of pre-loved thread is also stupidly expensive!

  8. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 5 days ago

    Yes, for the cat. Cat likes to go out in the (fenced in) yard and cats don’t come when called, you have to go get them and
    bring them in. Unless its raining.

  9. Lassie1 commented on Peanuts 7 days ago

    Well, some kids – most kids? – who go to camp DO feel lonesome, but the camp counsellors are trained to help them deal with it. It’s a step toward growing up, getting them out of their comfort zone. They are kept busy and do things at camp, they aren’t automatically sent home to mom and dad, who spent a lot of money to give them a life experience. (not unlike teenagers who join the military, they are sent to boot camp and THEY feel lonesome, too.)

  10. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    I know MY Plugger is utterly exhausted after mowing the lawn. If he had a gym membership, he would be too tired to go after mowing. Same thing if he walked to the gym instead of driving miles in the car.