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  1. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 16 hours ago

    (sigh) He’s using an Absurdity (Rat being pregnant) to spoof over-the-top cliches and jokes about Pregnancy, hopefully resulting in Humor. We can look forward to a week of Pregnancy Humor. Do you not grasp that?

  2. Lassie1 commented on Luann about 16 hours ago

    Nine out of ten food trucks dispense hot dogs, hamburgs, chips, and soda. There are two food trucks now that feature the most fabulous gourmet sandwiches and desserts you can imagine, and one of them does so well, they also have a little take-out restaurant. They’re doing very well and I think people who do not yearn for a hot dog and coke every. single. day. for lunch SHOULD have a choice. (And TJ? might consider moving the food truck up to the university section, where you might find actual customers. Of course, there is this: you CAN NOT just plonk down your food truck wherever you want. You need a license, etc. and there are only so many places the city will allow it. There is, or was, a lottery some years ago, for the most coveted spots. If they will only allow you to set up on the corner of Avenue B, and that’s in the impoverished inner city and you are selling mac & cheese with truffle oil and key lime cupcakes…you are kind of out of luck and have to hope your real customers will find you and have the time to track you down!

  3. Lassie1 commented on Momma 1 day ago

    Oh, wah wah wah! Find something to DO with yourself, you self-pitying old bag. Go to a senior center. Volunteer. Babysit, or foster animals, go stick your nose into doings at your church. It’s not up to your kids to entertain you. What is it you expect your KIDS to do for you? They hopefully have their own lives to live.

  4. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 1 day ago

    They are so hilarious! I can imagine another little conversation: “The rich neighbor told me she’s driving all the way across town to park at that big mall and go to Lord & Taylors for a dress. All that time, trouble, and expense, when she could just cross the highway down the road and go to Target!”

  5. Lassie1 commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    I go with psycho-path. Like one of those streets in an abandoned housing development, walk down past the empty buildings. No one home!

  6. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 3 days ago

    How come I never got invited into this club??? I’m moving on to “Get Fuzzy” :-(

  7. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 4 days ago

    I actually think for once this one is kind of cute. Their grand long list. The neighbors who might reach over and steal! Their playing lawn darts like 12 year olds. And their standing there all dressed up like farmers over their tiny patch!…There won’t be enough for canning, thank god. I simply don’t trust home-canned food. I know a young lady who has been doing some canning and am terrified she’s going to bring me some jars of stuff, and insist we eat it right then and there.

  8. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    Balloon Blast. A little computer game where you point an arrow and shoot down colored balloons. Extremely simple, a 3 year old can master it, which is the reason why I can play it. It’s addictive and oddly soothing. If I have something onerous to do, a quick game of Balloon Blast will calm my nerves.

  9. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 5 days ago

    I’m getting free issues of this magazine. I don’t know why, I am WAY too young. There’s great information on how to smuggle food out of a buffet in your purse (which the Pennys are masters at). How to deal with neighbors who blast Bob Seeger at their BBQs when you want to rock out to Aerosmith.

    The number one most helpful tip for seniors can be summed up in this mantra, to be used whenever they are out buying something: “I’m a senior citizen living on a fixed income, I have AAA and AARP cards somewhere, so I am entitled to 5% off ______”

  10. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 5 days ago

    :-D That’ll give them a priceless opportunity to complain about the arthuritis in their feet!