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  1. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    William Holden and the native women sneaking through the jungle toward the end to wire the bridge – chilling! Great movie, TCM shows it on Veterans Day quite often.

  2. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    The Drifters! Listening to them right now…. Us younger Pluggers fondly remember The Buckinghams, The Cowsills, The Partridge Family. The British Invasion bands: Hermans Hermits, The Dave Clark Five, The Seekers, Freddy and the Dreamers. The Kinks!!! a little of Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield…

    We here at Casa Lassie LOVE Lady Gaga (well, we did a few years ago when she was a real phenomenon).

    I wouldn’t know Bey, the Beebs, or Rhianna or any rapper songs if I was on Name That Tune for $1 million.

  3. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 days ago

    The longest journey begins with a single step….so yeah, I take that single step and start listing ‘goals’, and someone comes along whining they want something, they need something, why don’t I drop everything and drive them somewhere. (and this isn’t kids!) and there go my attempts at fulfilling lifetime goals. So I just exist, like a sponge on the ocean floor.

  4. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    All whites, pale pale colors,underwear go in a separate load, no matter how small. That is the ideal, though in a rush to get er done, might not always happen.

  5. Lassie1 commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    I still watch it, ironically and nostalgically in equal measure. I laugh at the helmet hair and swathes of rainbow colored polyester used in the costumes, but I do love me some of the big band music. The big band sounds shows are great! My husband and I often cook on a Saturday night with Lawrence Welk on as background.

  6. Lassie1 commented on Luann 4 days ago

    There’s no money in the arts. Starving artists are real. Go into the health field, Luann. Be a doctor, or a nurse. Or just find a job sucking up to the needs of the 1%, get some crumbs from that table.

  7. Lassie1 commented on Daddy's Home 4 days ago

    No. I hate enforced jolliness and feigning interest. Drinking and eating too much. Talking talking talking. I want to slink home to my cool, dark cave, make a cup of tea and read a book, or watch an old movie on TCM, or take a walk in the cold night air looking at the stars. Parties have never been my thing. It’s not fear and hatred of my fellow man, but the tiresome facade of having a great time. It can be a good time for a short while, but then I would like to leave.

  8. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 days ago

    Yes, I knew only one vegan, she was very poor and said she gave it up because she could eat only peanut butter sandwiches, and of course was sick ALL THE TIME. including pneumonia.

  9. Lassie1 commented on The Dinette Set 6 days ago

    Tissues, napkins and tissue paper (like in wrapping presents) are not recyclable here. Pizza boxes are OK. Plastic bottles with a 1 or a 2 are OK. Plastics with a 5 are OK. I called the recycling place about a huge plastic cup from the 7-11 and they said put it in the bin. Those food containers from the deli, are a gray area. There are different types, not sure. Newspapers and magazines are OK. Plastic grocery bags go in another bag and are taken to the bin at the store on the way in.

  10. Lassie1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Turkey Hill Homemade Vanilla. It’s pretty good on its own, better with toppings. I bought it to top with those little containers of summer fruits cluttering up my freezer. The best so far: blueberry pie filling (with a touch of lemon and cinnamon) and sour cherry pie filling, just sugar and a bit of cornstarch. Not quite enough to make whole pies as planned, but heavenly over ice cream.