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  1. feverjr commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago

    Hawaii makes owners register their guns, they give the list to the FBI, they are put on the FBI’s “Rap Back” list, if the person commits a crime on the mainland it is reported to the Hawaiian government. If the crime is bad enough they forfeit their right to gun ownership in the Hawaii.
    Sure the NRA will take this to the Supreme Court and argue that the 2nd prohibits the feds from taking part in anything that might limit arms ownership.
    My previous response, on 501c’s and the Taxed Enough Already party, was to Zoogster’s comment on IRS targeting.

  2. feverjr commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago

    Telling the Internal Revenue Service that you’re a 501c that does no social welfare work, when 51% is required to justify being tax free, and then calling yourself “Taxed Enough Already”, the target was self-hung.

  3. feverjr commented on Rebecca Hendin 1 day ago

    This was not a flossing mishap.

  4. feverjr commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    Love the cross, for some tax-exempt is a religion. Looking at you, T party. Literally made for each other.

  5. feverjr commented on Tom Toles 5 days ago

    The Golden Calf Incarnate…..

  6. feverjr commented on Steve Benson 8 days ago

    The Donald knows people, who know who sleeps with the fishes. His corporate practices are shady at best and criminal at worst. Casinos don’t lose money, so someone is cooking the books. His “University” was a scam. His products were all duds. The GOP was not ready for him to be their candidate, that said, the GOP is ready for Hillary. They have been working eight years for this eventuality. There will be endless investigations into Benghazi and emails, faked videos and swift boating before this is over. Given eight years, a target, focus groups and word smithing… it isn’t over yet.

  7. feverjr commented on Darrin Bell 8 days ago

    I would have deleted the first statements but then ahab’s and gweedo’s replies would have made no sense. By the way, my being wrong on who got slaughtered does not mean that 120 people weren’t executed. The US Army Captain’s report of what he found is here…..

  8. feverjr commented on Steve Benson 9 days ago

    The Donald is a bottom feeder, he does well in these waters.
    “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” H.L. Menchken

  9. feverjr commented on Tom Toles 10 days ago

    Love the “wait-a-second” amendment…

  10. feverjr commented on Tom Toles 10 days ago

    The second amendment was not a suicide pact written into the Constitution by the founding fathers. It was a concession made to the slave states, that their militias or slave patrols could operate in the north. “That a well regulated militia would not be infringed.” The fear was that slaves could escape to the north if the militias weren’t given the freedom to recapture them.
    The second amendment does not make much sense if it’s about the ownership of firearms. In the 1700’s, everybody owned a firearm or you didn’t eat.
    Try to picture life at the time of the revolution, the laws were not made in a vacuum, slavery was the economy of the south.

    “Slave patrols first began in South Carolina in 1704 and spread throughout the thirteen colonies, lasting well beyond the American Revolution. As the population of black slaves boomed, especially with the invention of the cotton gin, so did the fear of slave resistance and uprisings. Its development began when other means of slave control failed to instill slave control and obedience. Their biggest concern were slaves on the plantations since that is where slave populations were highest.”