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  1. drewdane commented on Mike Lester 20 days ago

    The cartoonist has no idea how net neutrality works.

  2. drewdane commented on Lisa Benson 20 days ago

    The cartoonist has no idea how net neutrality works.

  3. drewdane commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 10 months ago

    Is LSoS updated anywhere besides Go Comics? I find Go Comics to be more than a bit of a PITA.

  4. drewdane commented on Prickly City over 1 year ago

    The capacity of Right Wingers to engage in “I know you are but what am I” thinking never fails to amuse me.

  5. drewdane commented on Daddy's Home over 1 year ago

    Ba-dump-Bump – kshhhhh!

  6. drewdane commented on Plastic Baby Heads from Outer Space almost 2 years ago

    Ok, you’ve more than set the premise already!

  7. drewdane commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria almost 2 years ago

    @vwdualnomand: SHHHHH!!!!

  8. drewdane commented on Barney & Clyde almost 2 years ago

    2005 called, they want their trendy cocktail back.

  9. drewdane commented on Basic Instructions almost 2 years ago

    Hell hath no fury like that of a sanctimonious non-sports fan…

  10. drewdane commented on Ink Pen almost 2 years ago

    Thanks for spewing your personal issues all over the page, Fuma. I care a lot! No, really!