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  1. KaminoNeko commented on Baldo 1 day ago

    No, Cruz, in most jobs, you don’t expect the outcome to change. In fact, you generally don’t want it to, since 99% of the time, it’s not a change for the better (neither for the product, nor for the worker).

  2. KaminoNeko commented on Off the Mark 1 day ago

    One should hope so, or else it ain’t paper…

  3. KaminoNeko commented on Ink Pen 1 day ago

    They actually ‘killed’ Bruce twice (at least that affected his own books…he also had a death that only happened in JLA during…I think Morrison’s run)…the more recent one lasted all of a month, before revealing that Bruce was alive but amnesiac. But he remained out of the batsuit for most of a year, while Commissioner Gordon was the Batman.

  4. KaminoNeko commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    Bad phrasing, Garf, unless you’re a cannibal.

  5. KaminoNeko commented on Nancy Classics 2 days ago

    I wonder when Bushmiller stopped writing Sluggo’s dialogue like that. Or did it wait for one of his replacements.

  6. KaminoNeko commented on Nancy Classics 4 days ago

    I rather suspect the lamb is at most 10% wool.

  7. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 5 days ago

    … Heh. I only got the first one because a Fallout 3 mod added it to the Galaxy News Radio roster.

  8. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 6 days ago

    I didn’t know Lady was written by Richie before this quiz, but I knew it had to be the one the question meant. It definitely sounds like one of his.

  9. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 6 days ago

    First one I’ve aced in a while. That is mildly embarrassing.

  10. KaminoNeko commented on Baldo 10 days ago

    There’s a bunch.

    Kenichi Sonoda is more interested in guns, but he gives some love to the cars, too.

    Kosuke Fujishima is a total motor geek, and cars and motorbikes get some serious focus in his works. (His stuff is most likely to hit the overlap between Baldo and Stella here.)

    I know there’s other series designed by artists who clearly dearly love cars, but those two are the ones who come to mind most readily.