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  1. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 1 day ago

    ‘Gosh, did any show have more spinoffs than “Happy Days”?’
    All in the Family – Maud, The Jeffersons, Gloria, and 704 Hauser, and, depending how you define, Archie Bunker’s Place. Then we can count Good Times and Checking In (spinoffs of Maud and The Jeffersons, respectively).
    Mary Tyler Moore tied Happy Days’ three – Phyllis, Rhoda, and Lou Grant.

  2. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 2 days ago

    Same…kind of annoying to blank on that.

  3. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 3 days ago

    Only got To Wong Foo…not sure if I’ve ever heard of either of the other two…

  4. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 4 days ago

    Three for three. Eeeeasy one.

  5. KaminoNeko commented on Scenes from a Multiverse 5 days ago

    This is why you focus on crafting.

  6. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 5 days ago

    Only one I didn’t get was Baywatch. Momoa is awesome. I still need to see Conan…

  7. KaminoNeko commented on Ink Pen 5 days ago

    For the Hamhocks in the audience, an egg cream has neither in it – it made from milk, soda water, and chocolate syrup. (Milk is close to cream, anyway…)

  8. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 7 days ago

    Pft. She’s not even the iconic 60s Catwoman. That’s Eartha Kitt. (Yes, Newmar was first, but Kitt owned it.)

  9. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 8 days ago

    Black Widow is a pretty obvious name. Natasha isn’t even the only one Marvel’s had. This one is restricted to TV, though. (DC and Quality Comics (now owned by DC) have several characters called Black Widow…but none of them have been used since the Golden Age, though, so far as I can tell.)

  10. KaminoNeko commented on Trivquiz 8 days ago

    Ah, yes, thank you…that’s almost certainly what I conflated with the Queen of Diamonds.