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9 Chickweed Lane by Brooke McEldowney

9 Chickweed Lane

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  1. firebrand1 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 3 hours ago

    Hillary invested $1000 in cattle futures in 1978 and 1979
    and miraculously made $100,000 in Arkansas

  2. firebrand1 commented on Luann about 3 hours ago

    Per usual I see very little communication among the
    principals in this relationship and very little compromise by
    ‘both’ parties. Also see the usual piling on by the
    commenters. I appreciate Greg Evans doing the flips side of
    most weddings which is the female wanting the wedding
    with a lot of extras and the male being against it . Brad likes the idea of a wedding which includes family and friends in
    a celebration. Tony can’t handle it. Either just let Brad do the
    planning or back off the wedding or marriage plans until
    the two of them can come to a meeting of the minds. To
    elope when Toni can’t handle marital stress would doom the
    marriage. Problems that aren’t resolved before the wedding come back double and triple strength afterward. They both
    need intense pre-marriage counseling which can be given as gift from their friends. Marriage is thinking together and compromising, it is foolish to think that if Brad gave in to Toni’s wishes everything would be fine

  3. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop about 4 hours ago

    Good morning Benders and readers of Alley Oop. As the
    French would say Au contraire, si vous plaƮt Alley is not a
    fake. He is a very incompetent Wizer but he was certified
    to the title by King Guz and given the right to wear the Wizer’s hat, little good that it did him. Guz is the one that needs to rectify this I didn’t think the spots on the first patient would disappear so now we have a full blown medical crisis.
    We shall see next week what happens
    Have a great day.

  4. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop 1 day ago

    Good Morning Benders and readers of Alley Oop. After
    a decent start in the self-awareness of his own limitations,
    Alley falls back into protective lies when confronted by Guz
    Kinda sad as back to status quo.
    Have a great day.

  5. firebrand1 commented on Cul de Sac 1 day ago

    Petey’s can be a gritty picture of a diorama’s duplicating
    real life.

  6. firebrand1 commented on Gasoline Alley 1 day ago

    Finally Bear, like Baloo from Jungle Book, is closest to the humans, so can get some results.

  7. firebrand1 commented on The Norm Classics 1 day ago

    When the vacation is officially a success then we see
    Norm and Reine on the same page at the beach.

  8. firebrand1 commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    Email through the Compu-serve Network in the 1980’s
    worked beautifully. it was dial-up. The support that was
    given to fellow users in the various on-line communities
    was tremendous. AOL took it over and eventually shut it down.

  9. firebrand1 commented on Alley Oop 2 days ago

    Good Morning Benders and readers of Alley Oop. Guz is beginning to think which is a good sign. No asylum for the
    Lemmian soldier who is in a hurry to get away so he can
    rebuild his protection racket. Perhaps a few of the soldiers
    could become the rebuilt Moovian army.
    Have a great day

  10. firebrand1 commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    The Swiss police uniforms reminds me of the spaceship
    uniforms in Forbidden Planet