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  1. treBsdrawkcaB commented on One Big Happy about 10 hours ago

    Soon to become Alphabet Slurp…

  2. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Loose Parts about 10 hours ago

    I sent you a CABLE. Did your uncle and AMPERE? The mood around Fred is ELECTRIC when he talks about CURRENT events. Some are RESISTIVE to INDUCTIVE reasoning because the don’t have the CAPACITANCE for it with that FREQUENCY – their REACTANCE is that they say it HERTZ – but Fred is a reliable business CONTACT and is a good CONNECTOR of data facts. Oh HENRY, I can’t find a way to work FARAD, TRANSFORMER or COMPLEX WAVEFORM GENERATOR into this thread so I might as well go OHM

    (Don’t mess with an electrical engineer who likes puns!)

  3. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Ben about 10 hours ago

    Lots of oatmeal in today’s strip! All warm and mushy…

  4. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Agnes about 10 hours ago

    “…Food and stuff just like it!…” – That’s Jake comic strip.

  5. treBsdrawkcaB commented on The Barn 1 day ago

    Maybe she’s protecting the sheep because of what the kid will do in the pool!

  6. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Garfield 7 days ago

    Make sure that every meal contains the 5 basic food groups: Sugar, Salt, Fat, Starch and Caffeine.

  7. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Strange Brew 9 days ago

    Or if he skinned the customer and make a coat out of him, it’s “Wear Wolf”…

  8. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Strange Brew 9 days ago

    And if he doesn’t come back, “Where wolf?”

  9. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Free Range 9 days ago

    Is he then going to “Cry Me A River” or make a river another way? There’s the Yellow River in China…

  10. treBsdrawkcaB commented on Ben 9 days ago

    “…Change you can TASTE!…”