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  1. MarauderDeuce commented on Working Daze 21 days ago

    I think so, possibly with the unusual middle name of Janeway.

  2. MarauderDeuce commented on Frank & Ernest 5 months ago

    Was thinking – I’ve seen this today already.

  3. MarauderDeuce commented on Broom Hilda 7 months ago

    That is magnificent!

  4. MarauderDeuce commented on Luann Againn 7 months ago

    That was so me back in the day. Hmm, might still be me now I think about it. :)

  5. MarauderDeuce commented on Working Daze 9 months ago

    Adding to existing items:
    Surnames switched at the top.
    Does Melvyn not molesting the ladies count? :)
    Windows in the ceiling.

  6. MarauderDeuce commented on Luann 9 months ago

    Gotta agree with Mum here. I think as the years pass we partly get perspective which can make things like history more interesting or we find a hook into history which can spark our interest.

    Not sure what it was for me.

  7. MarauderDeuce commented on Working Daze 10 months ago

    Definitely loved the Eagles – no idea why but they were fantastic back in the day – well into re-runs in my case.
    Based on my to-watch list I think the whole series is on Youtube.

  8. MarauderDeuce commented on Moderately Confused over 1 year ago

    Nature of the horrible beast – the sooner they get us away from passwords (as such) the better.

  9. MarauderDeuce commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  10. MarauderDeuce commented on Luann over 1 year ago

    I very much feel that Mrs D was breaking the 4th wall in that last panel.