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  1. no1scouse commented on Ginger Meggs over 1 year ago

    No. It’s an Aussie Rules Football. Watch a game, no pads, no helmets, lots of action.

  2. no1scouse commented on Poptropica almost 2 years ago

    @T_Lexi: Girl Scout=U.S. Girl Guide= the rest of the world.

  3. no1scouse commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 2 years ago

    We used to play rounders at school in England in the 50s. I didn’t hear of baseball until I emigrated in 1970.

  4. no1scouse commented on In the Sticks about 2 years ago

    Great stuff!!

  5. no1scouse commented on Just Say Uncle about 2 years ago

    You may not use that box but you can still post comments here!

  6. no1scouse commented on Dog Eat Doug about 2 years ago

    The best was definitely Tom Baker; and not just because he’s a fellow scouser!

  7. no1scouse commented on Baldo about 2 years ago

    Strange looking goal net in panel 1!

  8. no1scouse commented on The Martian Confederacy about 2 years ago

    I’d give my right hand to be ambidextrous!

  9. no1scouse commented on Motley Classics about 2 years ago

    Not to mention the washing machine! For some reason frogs and washing machines do not get along.

  10. no1scouse commented on Speed Bump about 2 years ago

    Well she’ll have it on Monday, it’s labour day.