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  1. teddcadd commented on B.C. 12 months ago

    Our town was so narrow, the dogs had to wag their tails up and down.

  2. teddcadd commented on B.C. about 1 year ago

    I think the joke is unfortunate coming after the crash where the tail did break off and a few people were killed (including the one run over by the fire equipemet0.

  3. teddcadd commented on Pluggers over 2 years ago

    We’re at year 43!

  4. teddcadd commented on Non Sequitur about 5 years ago

    MisngNOLA: are you a lefty? The Gladiator is truly sinister.

    [BTW, gladiators faced gladiators, unwanted citizens (Christians and others) faced the lions.]