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  1. OSURE commented on Graffiti 3 months ago

    so what is this telling us?

  2. OSURE commented on Reality Check 3 months ago

    Booker T and the "M G’s " doing ’Green Onions !!!

    It’s the ONLY song that I’m allowed to sing at Karaoke !!!

  3. OSURE commented on Aunty Acid 3 months ago

    I’m a 72 year old male and I’ve hated my hair cuts for as long as I can remember – last hair cut I had was in Sept of 2012 – I’ve ear hairs over an inch long but my favorite is my eyebrow hairs that are almost 5 inches long .

  4. OSURE commented on Aunty Acid 4 months ago

    he got ’ tongue tied ’ trying to say HONG KONG without moving his lips and tongue and had to take a few days off?

  5. OSURE commented on Health Capsules almost 2 years ago

    Seems to me that the most common type of blood is

  6. OSURE commented on Jane's World about 2 years ago

    Jane’s looking down to see ‘headlights’ !!

  7. OSURE commented on Geech about 2 years ago


  8. OSURE commented on Jane's World over 2 years ago

    Only one thing better than that house number – 85 – that’s where you both get 8 more !

  9. OSURE commented on Geech over 2 years ago

    Jerry Bittle, 53; Created Comic Strip ‘Shirley and Son’
    Obituaries | PASSINGS
    Jerry Bittle, 53, creator of the syndicated comic strips “Shirley and Son” and “Geech,” died Tuesday of a heart attack while on a scuba-diving vacation in Honduras.
    “Shirley and Son,” a thoughtful look at life after divorce, appears in 75 newspapers worldwide, including The Times. “Geech” appears in more than 175 newspapers. Both strips are syndicated by United Media.
    The son of a barber, Bittle was born in Wichita, Kan. After college at Wichita State, he found staff artist and cartooning jobs at newspapers in Wichita and Albuquerque.
    He moved to the Dallas area in 1978 to work as a freelance artist and illustrator. A short time later, he began drawing “Geech,” a humorous look at life in the fictional town of Grimace, Texas. He also is the author of “Geech … The Moosical” with music by Angelo Badalamenti.
    Bittle began drawing “Shirley and Son” in 2000.
    His daily strips will end on May 3 and his Sunday strips on May 25. They will be discontinued at that time.

  10. OSURE commented on For Better or For Worse over 2 years ago

    Was it xmas when he dropped that 25 lb turkey on his foot – six weeks and still not healed ? heck this could go on all summer until after their vacation !