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  1. photoman022 commented on Stone Soup over 5 years ago

    Phil, be sure to bring your gun!

  2. photoman022 commented on Girls & Sports over 5 years ago

    been there, done that, didn’t do that, now i’m married!

  3. photoman022 commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken over 5 years ago

    there’s a bird missing! don’t tell me that chicken splattered him?!

  4. photoman022 commented on Gil Thorp over 5 years ago

    looks like all the football players are on steroids.

  5. photoman022 commented on B.C. over 5 years ago

    i’m gaga over this comic strip. very funny

  6. photoman022 commented on Andy Capp over 5 years ago

    That’s because he forgot! He’s with Chalkie at the pub playing snookers. Take out fish ‘n chips tonite Flo?

  7. photoman022 commented on Back in the Day over 5 years ago

    you’re not in newspapers because you are funny and not politically correct (yet).

  8. photoman022 commented on Momma over 5 years ago

    the loser scores with chicks???? they must be desperate and have low self-esteem.

  9. photoman022 commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken over 5 years ago

    pssst, MisngNOLA, it’s a comic. LOL

  10. photoman022 commented on Fred Basset over 5 years ago

    a long fat yo yo with stubby legs

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