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  1. planeman commented on Doonesbury over 6 years ago

    I used to work with a guy who didn’t want to use a Macintosh. He said it was because he couldn’t get the programs he wanted. I explained that all of them were available for the Mac. He said, “yeah, but you have to pay for them.” Since then, I have always wondered about PC users. Just because it is software, doesn’t mean it isn’t stealing.

    BTW, content can be put on iPods and other Apple devices without having to buy them from Apple. The music on my iPod comes from the CDs I have bought or MP3s from other online sources. Even some of my old vinyl has been digitized onto the Pod.

    –“Anyone who isn’t totally confused just doesn’t understand the situation.” - Edward Murrow

  2. planeman commented on Non Sequitur over 6 years ago

    Such a tender sentiment…

    Hope he has a soft heart.

  3. planeman commented on Doonesbury over 6 years ago

    So much for all of those who WERE saying Trudeau is giving Obama a pass.

    There are just too many high roller dollars in politics.