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  1. Chris Maple commented on Michael Ramirez about 18 hours ago

    Universal healthcare forces people who take good care of themselves via diet and exercise, to pay for the treatment of alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes and their customers, and thrill seekers. In other words, it punishes virtue and rewards wrongdoing. Universal healthcare is inherently and inextricably evil.

  2. Chris Maple commented on Michael Ramirez about 18 hours ago

    The increases in cost are due to federal government regulations demanding coverage for things not previously covered by health insurance. The insurance companies are complicit in the Fascistic Obamacare plan.

  3. Chris Maple commented on Working Daze 1 day ago

    Telcos also have “silent termination” numbers and probably a number of other numbers for test purposes.

  4. Chris Maple commented on Wizard of Id Classics 1 day ago

    Song a song of sixpence.

  5. Chris Maple commented on Over the Hedge 1 day ago

    If you search for Curious George books, you can find at least 2 different images of C.G. on telephone lines.

  6. Chris Maple commented on Close to Home 1 day ago

    I’d like to see a second version of this, with the golfer in the cart and caddies hooked up with traces, reins, etc..

  7. Chris Maple commented on Citizen Dog 1 day ago

    4th panel is good, but Calvin is the master of scowls.

  8. Chris Maple commented on That is Priceless 1 day ago

    The blog version (clicked to enlarge) is quite nice. The woman’s hat looks like it has a backwards-facing miniature horse’s head on top.

  9. Chris Maple commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    The FBI acts at the pleasure of Obama. No conclusion the FBI comes to will be against his Democratic-communist-dictatorial wishes.

  10. Chris Maple commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    I refuse to pay for your doctor bills. “Single payer” is universal theft.