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  1. HowieL commented on Poptropica 9 days ago

    Could these be the North Bleakport Penguins?

  2. HowieL commented on Non Sequitur 10 days ago

    Putt knot yore trussed inn spill chequers.

  3. HowieL commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    Why read obits? That’s how city folks find new apartments to move into.

  4. HowieL commented on The Argyle Sweater 20 days ago

    Twinkies were reputed to be so full of chemicals that they’d never get stale.

  5. HowieL commented on Reality Check 23 days ago

    And the squirrel say, “Hey, babe, take a fall on the wild side…”

  6. HowieL commented on Reality Check 24 days ago

    And it was brilliant! Still have my copy, though my Type 1 is long gone.

  7. HowieL commented on Dark Side of the Horse 27 days ago

    The bag is completely full – half with air, half with chips.

  8. HowieL commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 1 month ago

    That’s not a pear, it’s a fig, Newton!

  9. HowieL commented on Poptropica about 1 month ago

    A Minotaur gets very sore
    His features they are such a bore
    His habits are predictable
    Aggressively relia-bull, bull, bull

    Incredible String Band – The Minotaur’s Song

  10. HowieL commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    While we must grow older, we are not obliged to grow up!