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  1. percenez commented on Baldo 10 days ago

    Maybe this is the start of a new romance?

  2. percenez commented on One Big Happy 11 days ago

    who the heck is drawing this strip in real time now??! It’s a far cry from this!

  3. percenez commented on One Big Happy 22 days ago

    seriously, who is drawing the strip currently in real time?

  4. percenez commented on One Big Happy 25 days ago

    the daily strip in the newspaper is always different, leading me to believe these are older strips. It also appears to be drawn by someone else currently?

  5. percenez commented on Emmy Lou about 1 month ago

    yeah, but what’s the deal with not even taking the time to show this right side up? You can’t even enlarge these anymore unless you place it in ‘photo’.

  6. percenez commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    I always meant to say “Nice work, guys”. There are a lot of us gringos who like your work!

  7. percenez commented on The Meaning of Lila 2 months ago

    Are we getting close to the “end” again where this looped around to the beginning?

  8. percenez commented on The Meaning of Lila 3 months ago

    they seem to swap out drawing the strip on weekends.

  9. percenez commented on Last Kiss 3 months ago

    i notice the original artwork is by Bill Ward. He drew some pretty sexy girls as it was before he started drawing the really racy nudes with overly exaggerated features. I wish he had stuck with the type of work shown above, but I guess that was what men really wanted back then; extremely oversized boobs and butts. It really got grotesque over the transition. Must have been his editors who asked for the changes.

  10. percenez commented on Heart of the City 4 months ago

    I have been to that part of Philly when my friend lived a few blocks away from the Italian markets. You can order the best provolone anywhere from Claudio’s on line. Lots of other great stuff from them, too. Prices are very reasonable!