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  1. bherbert commented on Drabble 24 days ago

    You beat me to it. The first thing my mind saw was a utility curve of Ralph’s pleasure (utility) from donut eating.

  2. bherbert commented on The Barn 25 days ago

    That was Bill Clinton’s line in the 1990s. He was commenting on George H. W. Bush’s dislike of brocccoli..

  3. bherbert commented on Kit 'N' Carlyle about 1 month ago

    She cooked a burger that was actually EDIBLE?

  4. bherbert commented on The Barn about 1 month ago

    If airline service gets any worse, this may be what actual air travel will look like.

  5. bherbert commented on Ten Cats about 1 month ago

    There was a comic many years ago that icluded the line, “Show me a cat that eats mice, and I’ll show you a cat with bad breath.”

  6. bherbert commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    He often DOES get to the bottom of these problems, but folks like you refuse to believe that he’s done so. To today’s GOP, no problem is anything less than Watergate, and no findings by investigators are ever conclusive. To those with ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome), these fake “scandals,” from “Fast and Furious” to Benghazi, have to be perpetuated to keep the base angry.

  7. bherbert commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    The key to getting spending under control is your third suggestion—limiting the length of the campaign. With modern telecommunications, where everything seems to be known almost instantly, there’s no need for presidential campaigns to take years or even many months. 60 days at the most.

  8. bherbert commented on Motley Classics 3 months ago

    I was going to say the same thing about Fernando Rodney of the Mariners.

  9. bherbert commented on Drabble 4 months ago

    Agree completely, especially with your last sentence.

    People who want to listen to oldies (50s through the 80s) have some great options in internet radio stations. Atlantic 2NG (2 nations’ gold), Hawaiian Pacific Radio, The Big L, KYA (out of San Francisco), and Sunshine Gold are just five of them.

  10. bherbert commented on The Barn 5 months ago

    Despite the fiction conservatives love to perpetuate about how perfect the private sector is, there’s no shortage of “unowhat” there, too.