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  1. bherbert commented on Drabble 18 days ago

    Agree completely, especially with your last sentence.

    People who want to listen to oldies (50s through the 80s) have some great options in internet radio stations. Atlantic 2NG (2 nations’ gold), Hawaiian Pacific Radio, The Big L, KYA (out of San Francisco), and Sunshine Gold are just five of them.

  2. bherbert commented on The Barn about 1 month ago

    Despite the fiction conservatives love to perpetuate about how perfect the private sector is, there’s no shortage of “unowhat” there, too.

  3. bherbert commented on Peanuts 7 months ago

    I’d love to see them run some of those original strips, if only for a week or so. People would be shocked at what the characters looked like, and which characters from the present day strips either hadn’t been born or were just past the “babty” stage.

  4. bherbert commented on Peanuts 8 months ago

    Speaking of some of those older characters, I wish they would run a couple of weeks of strips from the first year of Peanuts. I have the first book of collected strips (original copy), and people would be shocked at what the characters looked like and how few of them there were. Linus wasn’t born yet (showed up in the second year). I believe that Schroeder appeared as a baby at the very end of that first year. It was CB, Lucy, Shermy, Patty, Violet, and PigPen.

  5. bherbert commented on Wizard of Id 9 months ago

    Parker and Hart have just found the way to bring about world peace—require every weapon to be assembled from IKEA kits by the end user. The idea will be so daunting that weaponry will all but disappear.

  6. bherbert commented on Doonesbury 10 months ago

    No, they aren’t going ’overboard in their efforts to curb what they see as voter fraud." They KNOW there is virtually NO voter fraud. Their going overboard in their efforts to suppress the votes of minorities and groups (like students) who tend to be hostile to the GOP. This is purely political.

  7. bherbert commented on Bound and Gagged 12 months ago

    I was told by a department store sales clerk that the credit card processing machine that requires a signature with the stylus works on the basis of pressure, not what you write. The amount of pressure at various points in the signature is like a fingerprint—everybody’s is different. That’s why it doesn’t really matter how bad the signature looks; it isn’t comparing the writing. It’s also why it wouldn’t like you to sign with your finger. There’s a much different amount of pressure applied to the screen.

  8. bherbert commented on Animal Crackers about 1 year ago

    No, that’s not what the government does. It’s what conservatives advocate that it do, but that’s not going to happen. As far as I know, the U. S. government has never defaulted on a debt. Or, do you have evidence to the contrary?

  9. bherbert commented on Bound and Gagged about 1 year ago

    Don’t blame the poor pooch a “bit.” They should have put the dog’s owner in the truck instead of the dog.

  10. bherbert commented on The Barn about 1 year ago

    It’s 50 inches (50"). The feed bucket must be 50 inches in diameter.