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  1. Rog22 commented on The Buckets 2 months ago

    Wasn’t she black when she first appeared in the strip?

  2. Rog22 commented on Marmaduke 12 months ago

    Dan’s dog probably smells a problem! My guess would be lung throat or mouth cancer. Dan, please get a checkup for these things!

  3. Rog22 commented on The Buckets 12 months ago

    Toby should be told that when civilization collapses, people get very hungry and start to eat their young. Toby would be one of the first to go.

  4. Rog22 commented on Non Sequitur over 1 year ago

    I am an old farm boy. I know horses & they are not the lovable creatures most people think. They are dangerous at both ends and mean in the middle!

  5. Rog22 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not over 2 years ago

    The blood supply for the new nose will come from the pedicle at its base. The new nose will be rotated into place without cutting the pedicle.

  6. Rog22 commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 3 years ago

    Windows—-Nature’s way of making smarter birds!

  7. Rog22 commented on Agnes about 3 years ago

    Dang! Another word to look up.

  8. Rog22 commented on Agnes over 3 years ago

    He is not screaming. He is yawning. Hey, its school, remember?

  9. Rog22 commented on The Buckets over 3 years ago

    That would explain a lot !

  10. Rog22 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not over 3 years ago

    IN a few years