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  1. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers 9 days ago

    Can’t wait to try these in a sandwich. David rocks again!!!

  2. Perashe commented on Annie 10 days ago

    sounds like the beginning of a very interesting adventure for our girl(s)

  3. Perashe commented on The Cardinal 10 days ago

    Good to have you & Rich back Kurt- already getting engrossed in your new story

  4. Perashe commented on Annie 16 days ago

    glad you’re back David- we Anniephans missed you!

  5. Perashe commented on The Cardinal 17 days ago

    hope you have a speedy recovery Kurt- take it easy!

  6. Perashe commented on Nancy 3 months ago

    You’ve already started to brighten our New Year Guy!

  7. Perashe commented on Annie 3 months ago

    Happy New Year David- and I’m with you- I, too, am really enjoying this story!

  8. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers 4 months ago

    this will be delicious in my Christmas Goose- Merry Christmas and many thanks for all the good recipes this year David

  9. Perashe commented on Cheap Thrills Cuisine 5 months ago

    mmm- just in time for Thanksgiving- Cranberry cookies

  10. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers 6 months ago

    Drizzly gray chilly day here- this yummy sounding hot sandwich will lift my spirits. David rocks!