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  1. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers about 1 month ago

    Happy New Year David! (and thanks for the U.S. measures this week)

  2. Perashe commented on Annie about 1 month ago

    Merry Christmas dear David. ARF!

  3. Perashe commented on The Cardinal about 1 month ago

    and looking forward to more of the Cardinal in the New Year!

  4. Perashe commented on The Argyle Sweater about 1 month ago

    This will be my New Year’s Eve dish- sounds delicious- thanks for sharing it!

  5. Perashe commented on Nancy about 1 month ago

    I was in a bad mood today until I read today’s strip. Thanks for the lift Guy!

  6. Perashe commented on Annie 2 months ago

    Love that last panel- kind of “says it all”

  7. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers 2 months ago

    what a great buffet dish for Christmas. I’ll triple your recipe and make a large one. Thanks David!

  8. Perashe commented on Annie 2 months ago

    Always thankful for our double dose of Annie- Happy Thanksgiving David!

  9. Perashe commented on Brevity 3 months ago

    another great holiday recipe-thanks Alexikako- get em comin’

  10. Perashe commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 3 months ago

    would one of you please tell me what a “shield of boringness” is? thanks