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  1. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers about 3 hours ago

    what a great buffet dish for Christmas. I’ll triple your recipe and make a large one. Thanks David!

  2. Perashe commented on Annie 4 days ago

    Always thankful for our double dose of Annie- Happy Thanksgiving David!

  3. Perashe commented on Brevity 12 days ago

    another great holiday recipe-thanks Alexikako- get em comin’

  4. Perashe commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 12 days ago

    would one of you please tell me what a “shield of boringness” is? thanks

  5. Perashe commented on Brevity 16 days ago

    thanks for the interesting recipe. I’ll use the squash from my garden and try it out for Thanksgiving.

  6. Perashe commented on Kitchen Capers about 1 month ago

    wow- baking 45 minutes at that extreme temperature with hot fat!!

  7. Perashe commented on The Cardinal 5 months ago

    Darn you Tony Wyatt- that was mine! but…Congratulations!!!!

  8. Perashe commented on Annie 5 months ago

    and a very happy 4th to you dear David!

  9. Perashe commented on Annie 7 months ago

    Hey David- Thanks so much for changing your mind and treating us to double Annies. You ROCK!! and we sure appreciate it.

  10. Perashe commented on Annie 7 months ago

    Hi David- I put a comment in here for you on the 28th but I’m not sure you read it because I’m out West and 3 hours away from you in cyberspace. Anyway, I said that I certainly understand you wanting a break from the links you so generously gave us each day. I will miss them because it gave us a double dose of our Annie each day. It also had the benefit of having one story that was totally different from the other and it was great to have 2 opposite adventures going on with “our girl.” Thank you so much for the great ride!