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  1. samhuff commented on Broom Hilda about 16 hours ago

    time to turn over a new leaf.

  2. samhuff commented on Mike du Jour 1 day ago


    Tequila Ad parody also parodies drug ads.

  3. samhuff commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    Rats, I’ve heard, actually make good pets. In fact the tendency of researchers to become attached to the rats in their experiments have led to calls for lawyers to serve as research animals instead.

  4. samhuff commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    The analysis of the Vietnam war was,
    “The Vietnamse are playing go, the Russians are playing chess and the Americans are playing dominoes. Dominos in the sense of the child’s game of standing the dominos upright
    in a row and pushing the first one over and watching them fall one after the other. If the US had had the intelligence to play the real Dominican game they might have won, instead of getting beat the hell out, and losing credibility as a fighting force.

    Now some want the US to take on Iraq, which is a country much more developed than Vietnam. You can bet in the event of an attack on the territory of
    Iraq everyone will rally to the defense.

  5. samhuff commented on The Born Loser 4 days ago

    Life is just full of difficult choices.

  6. samhuff commented on Mike du Jour 10 days ago

    Oh, banderdash! Bother it!

  7. samhuff commented on Mike du Jour 10 days ago

    Oh, banderdash! Bother it!

  8. samhuff commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 10 days ago

    Actually separate times are illusionary, in Reality as
    Such, everything happens at once. See Block Universe. Not the “growing” version in which the past and present are real and the future is not real, but the true version where past, present and future are all equally real and determined.

  9. samhuff commented on Jim Morin 10 days ago

    In any event, with what the Bishop of Rome is saying they should take in a few refugees. Physical plant workers, or perhaps liaison with the Islamic world, translators and such.

  10. samhuff commented on Adam@Home 10 days ago

    I love baby otters, but I’m not sure I could eat a whole one.