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  1. samhuff commented on For Better or For Worse 24 minutes ago

    We see it and don’t want to acknowledge it. Thought stopping is so essential to maintaining sanity.

    One would have to be St Francis the real one and not the head of state of the Vatican, for example.

  2. samhuff commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 days ago

    Ah, what rat needs is a good “woman” of whatever species. But no, he needs something stronger; more men have been redeemed by the love of a bad woman than a good one. >;)(

  3. samhuff commented on Jim Morin 6 days ago

    You’re far more likely to be murdered by a distracted driver, eating, texting, putting on makeup, shaving etcetera, than an Islamic terrorist. We seem to have gotten our adrenals in an uproar over a very minor effect.

    If we really thought our lives were important we would never have lifted the 55 MPH speed limit.

  4. samhuff commented on Broom Hilda 7 days ago

    True tofu is evil. IIRC, “The Far Side” had some big cats who were filled with disgust when they realized the wildebeest they brought down was the tofu “Health Food” version.

    See “Tofuf brain shrinkage”.

  5. samhuff commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 7 days ago

    I swear, the jelly in my school dining room was 100% petrochemical or coal tar derived.

  6. samhuff commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    What is that thing?

  7. samhuff commented on Non Sequitur 10 days ago

    Hey, I had dinosaur legs for dinner last night. Chickens are dinos and the closest living relative of the T-Rex.

  8. samhuff commented on For Better or For Worse 12 days ago

    Lots of perfectly good couples were ruined by marriage. Or maybe they got married because the relationship was headed toward failure.

    Anyway, you must remember that marriage means you have to move to a deeper, more difficult, committed level of romance. Belike, marriage may need to be said the beginning of the romance.

  9. samhuff commented on Tank McNamara 12 days ago

    The NFC East is not much better, at least until Romeo returns. The Cowpokers are playing without a QB.

  10. samhuff commented on Last Kiss 13 days ago

    If you smoke after sex, use more lube next time.