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  1. K.C. Fahel commented on Peanuts about 13 hours ago

    We only had one dance at our wedding, 30 years ago. However, since the wedding was thrown together in 3 days and the reception was held in a friend’s house, that can be excused…but I INSISTED that my husband & I have just the one dance.

  2. K.C. Fahel commented on PreTeena about 13 hours ago

    My daughter would have KILLED to be able to take French in school in 5th grade! As it is, she’s using Duolingo.com to learn both French and Italian (she’s already finished French, but goes back for refreshers).

  3. K.C. Fahel commented on Bloom County about 13 hours ago

    At 5’ tall, I use the phrase “vertically challenged” all the time.

  4. K.C. Fahel commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    I prefer the smell of chalk to the rancid smell of the erasable markers used for white boards.

  5. K.C. Fahel commented on Garfield 3 days ago

    My daughter must be part mouse. She would SO do cheese on cheese!

  6. K.C. Fahel commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    I remember a girl in my first grade class. Her name was Missy. She was cute with blonde, curly hair…easily the prettiest girl in the class…but she was very nice, too. I liked her, even if she WAS perfect.

  7. K.C. Fahel commented on Peanuts Begins 4 days ago

    That was me. My brother would start a neighborhood game of cowboys & indians, or cops & robbers, so there wasn’t usually a ’part" for girly-girl me. (I could usually find someone else to play princesses with, tho.)

  8. K.C. Fahel commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    Not so much sagging as melting…

  9. K.C. Fahel commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    When I was in school, you could give valentines to just the kids you wanted to give them to. I was usually the one who didn’t get any. On the other side, my daughter’s class has to give one to everyone…but my daughter would anyway, ‘cuz that’s just the way she is. (She learned about Pokemon just because the least popular kid in her class liked it.)

  10. K.C. Fahel commented on Rose is Rose 5 days ago

    Laynegg said, yesterday

    sigh same old same old…that’s why i quit reading romances. Girl is dumb as bricks, guy is dark and mysterious. Mayhem ensues where if they just opened their mouths and said…same formula for love making (you can only describe passionate kisses and other things so many different ways). Boring. Mysteries are great and yes add a little romance as a subplot but the mystery rules!

    In high school, I had an English teacher who loved romance novels. I would openly scoff at them (she & I got along great). She gave me a challenge: read just a few of them over the summer, and in the fall, give my opinion. It just so happened that my mother had picked up a whole box of them (she made side money through a consignment store), so, before she gave the box to the store, she let me have it. I read the first, and it wasn’t bad. Then I read the second…same thing. Third…same. I probably weeded through a dozen, and, aside of names & locations, they were almost exactly alike. In the fall I went back to the teacher. She asked if I took up her challenge. I handed her a list of titles that I’d read, and said, “Yes I did…and they’re STILL lame!”