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Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. MJ Emigh commented on Nancy 1 day ago

    Sara and Stephen must be terribly young. I have to believe that. The alternative is to say that Argy, Party and I are…….well, you know…..

  2. MJ Emigh commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    So, like…..ummmm…..who’s Tom?

  3. MJ Emigh commented on Gasoline Alley 6 days ago

    I think Frank belongs in the “Old Character Actors Home,” trading lines with Franklin Pangborn, Billy Gilbert, and Gabby Hayes.

  4. MJ Emigh commented on Nancy Classics 9 days ago

    Not when you apply “Comic Strip Logic.”

  5. MJ Emigh commented on Dick Tracy 20 days ago

    There was about 20 minutes of test film shot by O’Brien for Edison that included concepts for a Frankenstein film. As far as I know, no one knows how much of those 20 minutes included Frankenstein shots. Has some discovery been made that I’m not aware of (and can find no reference to)? Obviously, I’m not referring to the much later Kong/Frankenstein conceptual work that ended up overseas.

  6. MJ Emigh commented on Dick Tracy 22 days ago

    >>Late yesterday, Jim Kerner asked about character actor Al Nessor, who’s credited with playing Evil-Eye Fleegle in the 1959 L’il Abner movie.<<

    He was actually a very in-demand actor on the Broadway stage. He usually played a comic version of a gangster. I’m pretty sure he played Evil Eye in the stage version of Lil’ Abner prior to the film.

  7. MJ Emigh commented on Nancy 25 days ago

    Wow, she looks THAT good at 6:00 AM?!?

  8. MJ Emigh commented on Dick Tracy 26 days ago

    It’s strange the things that can jar my curiosity. I thought that the term “whammy” originated with the aforementioned Benjy “Evil Eye” Finkle. It didn’t. Apparently, the term was used in a book about baseball several years before Finkle’s birth. He just picked up on it and popularized it. It does appear that the “double whammy” and “triple whammy” are pure Finkle, however.

  9. MJ Emigh commented on Dick Tracy 27 days ago

    Correction: His first name was Ben and it was boxing, not wrasslin’.

  10. MJ Emigh commented on Dick Tracy 27 days ago

    If anyone is all THAT interested, research Evil Eye Finkle for the inspiration that led to Capp’s Fleegle. It was back in the days when wrestling was just an act. Oh, wait…..