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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. harmgb commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Baldrick’s less perceptive sister…..snerk!
    Good one, Doc. “I have a cunning plan….”

  2. harmgb commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    As before, when I try to vote on TopWebComics, I just get diverted to an advertisement, but it’s just a blank page. Admin never replies to complaints….can’t help Endtown much on that…..

  3. harmgb commented on Endtown 7 months ago

    Er…..you are equating Planned Parenthood with nazis?

  4. harmgb commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    Congrats on the awards, Aaron. Well deserved, definitely…..

  5. harmgb commented on Endtown 11 months ago

    Merry Christmas, Aaron. ‘Endtown’ is still the comic I want to read first every day…..

  6. harmgb commented on Endtown 12 months ago

    Well, I guess I can’t vote for Endtown (or ANY comic) on Topwebcomics anymore. I just get a message saying I’ve already voted….or else the site just doesn’t load. I’ve emailed their site quite a few times, they just don’t respond. And judging from Endtown’s spot in the rankings, looks like maybe I’m not the only one having problems.

  7. harmgb commented on Emmy Lou 12 months ago

    Sounds like life, Alvin!

  8. harmgb commented on Endtown 12 months ago

    Concerning voting at topwebcomics…..anyone else notice that voting there is suddenly next to impossible?

  9. harmgb commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    Thunderdome….2 mutants enter, 1 mutant leaves! And you remember how honest a fight that was……

  10. harmgb commented on Stone Soup about 1 year ago

    Pump gas? OK, in New Jersey and Oregon……