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  1. fechelard commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    You’re like the thieves who broke into a house using the fact they only found the content of the loose change tray to steal as a proof they aren’t guilty of breaking and entering.

    It’s not the Ds that clamored that the Iraq invasion would pay for itself and that we would ‘release’ their oil reserves as our own. But, what can you say… when it comes even to their own unethical behaviors, Conservatives can’t claim competency as a redeeming value.

  2. fechelard commented on Jeff Danziger almost 4 years ago

    Nice one! Your prejudices are barely showing there!

    Actually, the term you are looking for is ephebophilia. Or would have been if the predation had been limited only to adolescent boys. Of course it wasn’t, no matter how hard you would prefer it to be… boy or girls, prepubescent or not, the cases have been as varied as the predators. For many, it was more a question of opportunity than anything else.

    And that’s where the parallel between the NRA and the church comes through again. Because if not all churchmen were predators, they all were part of a conspiracy of silence to protect them, be it actively or passively. In the same way the NRA will always protect the situations that give rise to those kind of mass-murderers, because the lives of 6-years old will always be trumped by the right of fearful or sick people to own enough firepower to lay waste to a neighborhood because, you know… freedom!