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  1. Outworld Cats commented on Barkeater Lake almost 2 years ago

    That,s something I’ve wondered about; do rugby players show signs of problems from multiple concussions and other head trauma like football players have been experiencing? Or do they (sensibly) try to avoid slamming their heads into things?

  2. Outworld Cats commented on Half Full almost 2 years ago

    Doubt it, you’re not obscure enough to be on that show.

  3. Outworld Cats commented on Pictures in Boxes almost 2 years ago

    Charizard can’t play in the water, if the flame on his tail goes out he dies.

  4. Outworld Cats commented on Don't Pick the Flowers almost 2 years ago

    Suzanne might just be a little bit possessed. The do-it-yourself minions are pretty cool, though.

  5. Outworld Cats commented on Frog Applause almost 2 years ago

    That’s one mean-looking rabbit! Could be a Doctor Who villain, next version of The Master (after a really, really weird regeneration)? Heck, Anthony Ainley started turning into a cat-person toward the end of the seventh Doctor’s (Sylvester McCoy) series.

  6. Outworld Cats commented on Connie to the Wonnie almost 2 years ago

    No, pi r round. Cornbread r squared.

  7. Outworld Cats commented on Snow Sez . . . almost 2 years ago

    Try clicking the “Edit Comics” link just after the My Comics header, then click the Sherpa tab at the top of the comics list that comes up. Then click the “Sort A-Z” button near the top center of the list (makes Snow easier to find!) then click the green “+ sign” next to Snow. That should add it to your list, shown over on the left (probably at the bottom of the list).

  8. Outworld Cats commented on Half Full almost 2 years ago

    “Got your nose!”

  9. Outworld Cats commented on Ballard Street almost 2 years ago

    Sorry Neal, Monday HAS no mercy!

  10. Outworld Cats commented on Breaking Cat News almost 2 years ago

    Elvis puffs-up pretty impressively.