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  1. Doug Jones commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    she looks like Rita from Working Daze. Guess her water bottle wasn’t allowed on the flight.

  2. Doug Jones commented on Doonesbury 8 months ago

    this obsessing over Trump is past boring. There must be something else going on in the world for this strip to feature. Like, celebrities who won’t perform in states where men can stalk women in bathrooms, but will perform in countries that execute homosexuals and mutilate their women.

  3. Doug Jones commented on Working Daze over 1 year ago

    No, Rita would have to admit to being at least 35 years old to run for President.

  4. Doug Jones commented on Jeff Stahler over 1 year ago

    why not have her replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill? Hamilton wasn’t a President (neither was Benjamin Franklin, who’s on the $100 bill).

  5. Doug Jones commented on Dick Tracy almost 2 years ago

    a girl “with the right equipment” has all she needs to get what she wants

  6. Doug Jones commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    well, she can count on all the native american votes after lying about being one.

  7. Doug Jones commented on Working Daze almost 2 years ago

    from this perspective, it looks like Rita has a really big ass

  8. Doug Jones commented on Random Acts of Nancy almost 2 years ago

    dated Dec. 23, Sluggo just wants to be able to remember the anniversary date. Ours is Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve—not only is it easy to remember, but everywhere we go then, people are having a party!

  9. Doug Jones commented on Stone Soup about 2 years ago

    Phil’s putting ketchup on a hot dog? Yuck!

  10. Doug Jones commented on Health Capsules about 2 years ago

    gee, no s—-