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  1. tsukyomy commented on On A Claire Day almost 2 years ago

    In my country tree farms have helped to reforest whole acres, as the trees that aren´t sold stay there and grow completely.

  2. tsukyomy commented on Paul Szep about 3 years ago

    Sure… sounds logic… (a little advise, if you use sarcasm on the internet you may look retarded)

  3. tsukyomy commented on Chuck Asay almost 4 years ago

    Well, he is an extreme liberalist, the less the goverment involves the better for him, maybe if he noticed the harm, poverty and hunger that economic trend cause in reality he would feel different.

  4. tsukyomy commented on Views of the World almost 4 years ago

    The real issue is that in essence both are fundamentalists

  5. tsukyomy commented on Pat Oliphant about 4 years ago

    Can a weapon dealer be concerned about the rights of the people who are shot with the guns he sold?

  6. tsukyomy commented on Chuck Asay over 4 years ago

    Actually he nailed it, if you tax the rich there will be less extremely rich people and you use the money to have less poor people, therefore an strong middle class with social parity.

  7. tsukyomy commented on PreTeena over 4 years ago

    Y´know as a communication mayor i should be offended, but she reminds me to some of my former college companions.

  8. tsukyomy commented on Rudy Park over 4 years ago

    The fun part is reading the strip after an earthquake, hiya from Mexico city folks!

  9. tsukyomy commented on Working It Out almost 5 years ago

    Please, pull the trigger….

  10. tsukyomy commented on Yenny Lopez almost 5 years ago

    Spanish notes: The first question means “What´s this?”