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  1. tsukyomy commented on On A Claire Day almost 2 years ago

    In my country tree farms have helped to reforest whole acres, as the trees that aren´t sold stay there and grow completely.

  2. tsukyomy commented on Paul Szep about 3 years ago

    Sure… sounds logic… (a little advise, if you use sarcasm on the internet you may look retarded)

  3. tsukyomy commented on Views of the World about 4 years ago

    The real issue is that in essence both are fundamentalists

  4. tsukyomy commented on Pat Oliphant over 4 years ago

    Can a weapon dealer be concerned about the rights of the people who are shot with the guns he sold?

  5. tsukyomy commented on PreTeena over 4 years ago

    Y´know as a communication mayor i should be offended, but she reminds me to some of my former college companions.

  6. tsukyomy commented on Rudy Park over 4 years ago

    The fun part is reading the strip after an earthquake, hiya from Mexico city folks!

  7. tsukyomy commented on Working It Out almost 5 years ago

    Please, pull the trigger….

  8. tsukyomy commented on Yenny Lopez almost 5 years ago

    Spanish notes: The first question means “What´s this?”

  9. tsukyomy commented on Views of the World almost 5 years ago

    Sarkozy and the german PM trying to catch the European Union

  10. tsukyomy commented on Yenny Lopez about 5 years ago

    Just to mention it, frio means cold.