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  1. rgcviper commented on Haiku Ewe about 17 hours ago

    Well, that’s just nutty.
    Better be careful when you
    find something to eat.

  2. rgcviper commented on U.S. Acres about 17 hours ago

    … or is he just trying to pay off his big dental bills?

  3. rgcviper commented on My Cage: New and Old about 17 hours ago

    Mmm—gorilla cookies …

  4. rgcviper commented on Cleats about 17 hours ago

    Yup—kind of a long trip.

  5. rgcviper commented on Working Daze about 17 hours ago

    Congrats to the new parents … and to the cartoonists for the new addition to the strip.

  6. rgcviper commented on Thatababy about 17 hours ago

    I hadn’t heard of either song, myself, but thanks to YouTube …

    Let It Whip

    You Dropped A Bomb On Me

  7. rgcviper commented on Alley Oop about 17 hours ago

    I’ll second the comments of Nun’Ya, Night. Better late than never, and I enjoy your work.

    I also pat you on the back for sharing your stories for all these years now. Writing is hard work, but you’re obviously dedicated. Keep it up!

  8. rgcviper commented on In the Bleachers about 17 hours ago

    Wow. Tough gig.

  9. rgcviper commented on The Buckets about 17 hours ago

    Catchy name for the game.


    “Mmm—Skittles …”

  10. rgcviper commented on Zack Hill about 18 hours ago

    Ooh … things are getting serious.