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  1. rgcviper commented on The Boondocks about 20 hours ago

    What a wild man.

  2. rgcviper commented on Eric the Circle about 20 hours ago

    That’ll leave a mark.

  3. rgcviper commented on My Cage: New and Old about 21 hours ago

    Uh-oh … I smell trouble.

  4. rgcviper commented on Cleats about 21 hours ago

    ANNND, the light bulb goes off …

  5. rgcviper commented on Overboard about 21 hours ago

    Louie, you’re the best—as always!

    Good Evening, Crew.

  6. rgcviper commented on Cathy about 21 hours ago

    And they’ll still provide our trusty [eye-rolls]. Right? Right?? Don’t let me down, you two!

    HI, MOM. Hello, Clan.

  7. rgcviper commented on Pearls Before Swine about 21 hours ago

    For the record, Pastis’ Twitter page is here, with the pulled strip. It’s a little questionable, given recent events, though not terrible, in my opinion.

  8. rgcviper commented on Eric the Circle 2 days ago

    Good to have you back, Eric (as I said yesterday …).

  9. rgcviper commented on My Cage: New and Old 2 days ago

    He might be on to something there …

  10. rgcviper commented on Monty 2 days ago

    These two are fun, but I still think they’d be better off in their own strip. Just think … a daily dose of both Monty AND Sedgie & Jarvis!