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  1. sirbutlust commented on Annie almost 7 years ago

    seems to me the blue circle guys are always at that table. What made this now dead member leave and cross the street. DId they order pizza and make him go pick it up?

    “hey blue circle guy number five, we ordered pizza and we decided to send you to get it , but its not the one next door, its the shop across the street”

    “but there pizza sucks”

    “but we have a coupon so just go. Be sure to cross the street at exactly 12:45 cause they hate it when youre early or late to pick up the pizza, and bring back a reciept (evilly chuckles to himself)”

  2. sirbutlust commented on Annie almost 7 years ago

    explodign hamburger brain. good stuff. people make fun of me when i say i read annie religously. good comic

  3. sirbutlust commented on Annie almost 7 years ago

    shes going to have one hell of a perspective on stuff when she finishes slugging that glass of whiskey. Im 33 and that would mess me up. shes 100.

  4. sirbutlust commented on Annie almost 7 years ago

    so the blue circle is going to send guys (probably well armed) guys to the underground place that daddy warbucks is camping at still ( i presume). Not sure if “Annie” (the strip not hte girl in alaska) has horrific gun battles but this is looking promising.

    “bang bang kapow zoop zoop kablam” neat.

    hope the underground bunker survives the explosions and we can find out whats in it.

  5. sirbutlust commented on Annie almost 7 years ago

    his head should explode now. poof all is lsot.

    anyone but me wonder what they told obamma when he took over? he seemed a little fazzled. i kinda wantot run for president just to learn the secrets.

    I believe we fougth in irag cause they thought it was a more fairer playing ground than in the montinas the russiajns couldnt defeat of afganistan. no one ever said this but maybe thats the reason (plus the oil bonus). just wonder what obama learned that day…..aliens, …..possibly the fact our contyr relies on oil to sruvive , and what ever horrible secrets. hes brining people into afganistan for a reason, but what reason….hmmmm.

    there is a blue circle people. the real ones would have killed this guy instanlty. dont expect much.

  6. sirbutlust commented on Annie about 7 years ago

    Mall you say….hmmmm. easy to find this guy.

    Many people in this mall you could eliminate as suspects. screaming kids punk teenagers soccar moms on cell phones Husbands dressed in crappy clothes dragged out shoppin elderly bench sitters miserable employees fat people at various restaurants

    THis guy obvoisly is in a suit (one people say changed colors) and will need to get out of it. look in the clothes stores near the dressing room. He had to get out of his clothes as they may be greasy and smell like bulldozer and B.O. (ever been in a bulldozer?)

    speaking of which, doesnt any of thes cops have a K9 dog?

  7. sirbutlust commented on Annie about 7 years ago

    Joe Allen Doty said, about 15 hours ago

    Devonshade said, yesterday:

    “Its very apparent that the cartoonist is trying to pin everything wrong in Annie’s world on the left wing. I can see where this is going, obviously its time for warbucks to ramp it up!”

    But the REAL Blue Circle is an ultra-conservative right-wing organization in Washington, DC ——————————————————————-

    as someone who thinks ALL politicians are crooks, i see the artist making the blue cirle look republican. Dont listen to devon, hes the left wing version of glen beck.

  8. sirbutlust commented on Annie about 7 years ago

    yellow planes are cool. they look like flying school buses.

  9. sirbutlust commented on Annie about 7 years ago

    i wish i had an adopted kid so i can send them away for a season.

  10. sirbutlust commented on Annie about 7 years ago

    all politicians are crooks, all of them. i hope that ends the rightwing leftwing blogger arguement.

    Now if the annie guys want to take some political news from the paper to infuse with annie, how about Daddy warbucks starts to ignore the underground desert bunker, that MR Am thing, the dinosaur, and all the other drama and put his full concentration on lobbying the new mexico ranch he is at host the 2016 olympics.