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  1. cynof3 commented on FoxTrot over 5 years ago

    Nabu I completely envy you.. temps here are pushing in the 100’s and is giving my asthma some hell. It is too hot to grow anything and I think I am all but homebound now due to the heat. Just walking from my house to the car in the driveway makes my asthma go crazy. I have to wait till night to do anything when the temps have dropped low enough not to set me off. Please share some of those cooler temps with us

  2. cynof3 commented on Cleats over 5 years ago

    I remember looking at these for my daughters soccer games and being completely confused.

  3. cynof3 commented on Stone Soup almost 6 years ago

    I got to make one to attack my nephews with…ha ha ha ha I will be such the perfectly evil aunt

  4. cynof3 commented on The Middletons almost 6 years ago

    sounds like my memory…I improve and lose it all again

  5. cynof3 commented on Stone Soup about 6 years ago

    conean I was going to say the same thing…why wouldn’t he want her to join him hmmmm another woman perhaps

  6. cynof3 commented on Baldo over 6 years ago

    Baldtom I have to agree with you this time…Atleast they said it in English. I don’t care how much of a melting pot this country is as long as they come here legally and can learn to speak this country’s native tongue; English.

  7. cynof3 commented on The Middletons over 6 years ago

    I could see me doing something like this…don’t let anyone see how much of a slob you…not even the maid..lol

  8. cynof3 commented on Stone Soup over 6 years ago

    TV shoot I wish I could get my oldest daughter out of the computer trance!! From the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed she has that thing on her lap…ugghh
    I almost wish I never helped her buy the dang thing.

  9. cynof3 commented on Adam@Home over 6 years ago

    Way to go Doc…send some of that Nuclear coffee my way :)

    Lew…lol ha ha..cough cough that is horrible..lol I think it means that you are not drinking enough of the stuff…ha ha

  10. cynof3 commented on Fort Knox over 6 years ago

    Joe if you think that these guys fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan are not defending our constitution you have lost your mind. Unless you are ready to start wearing your turbans and burqas, loose your freedom to speak your mind or choose your religion, the freedom of your family to live as they please. We are there defending our constitution, our rights and freedoms as Americans to keep from becoming a radical Muslim Islamic nation, of course we Obama stating we are no longer a Christian nation but we are the largest Muslim nation it may be to late.