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  1. Michael wme commented on Ben Sargent 31 minutes ago

    Fortunately, Texas is a major economic power when it comes to textbooks. Most states can only afford to buy the same books that Texas picked, since economies of scale mean those books are the cheapest, but with good quality paper and binding. Plus, Texas always makes sure the content is the best in the world. None of that evolution nonsense. The Truth, that the climate can’t be affected by anything humans do, it’s all in the Hands of G_d. The states that can’t afford custom-printed textbooks and who therefore have to adopt whatever Texas picks, are very fortunate to have such an excellent filter to keep out all the unsuitable textbooks.

  2. Michael wme commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 hour ago

    Sr. Ramirez has it right. First, we put the can down. Then, when it’s time to kick it down the road, Obama will find he has no choice but to send someone. He won’t want to, he’s vehemently opposed to sending combat troops, but since the can has to be kicked, he has to send someone with boots.

    Of course, anyone who watched his speech knows Obama will not be sending a single combat troop. All those boots will be on the feet of the many divisions of heavily armed peacekeepers he will send to utterly destroy the DA, the Syrian regime, Iran, and Russia (not necessarily in that order), to ensure that all are as peaceful as it is possible to be.

    Those Norwegians were certainly prescient in 2009!

  3. Michael wme commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 hour ago

    Back in the day (when most of the KKK were Southern Democrats, before Johnson figured that he’d win more votes by alienating the White South and forced the KKK to switch parties), we had the Poll Tax. Our Tax Collector always refused money from everyone who wasn’t a good WASP member of the Southern Democratic Party, and, if they persisted, called his friends to restore order, with a crop of strange fruit if necessary (or if those loyal law-keepers were just bored).

    We need to bring back those halcyon days. A special Voter Registration Card should work (no alternative ID accepted). We’ll make sure only good WASP Southern Republicans get one, and if anyone tries to cause trouble, we’ll call the law-keeping great-grandsons of the people we used to call, back in the day.

  4. Michael wme commented on Clay Jones about 1 hour ago

    Turkey is mostly Kurds? When I studied geography, the Turks were mostly Whey, but the Brits and Frogs split Kurdistan into four bits, one bit in Turkey, one bit in Iraq, one bit in Iran, and one bit in Syria, and the Kurds have been POed ever since (but no one gave a flying fig, until one of the Gulf Wars, when the US decided to ally with the Kurds, after previously selling Saddam weapons with which to keep them in line).

  5. Michael wme commented on Ken Catalino about 1 hour ago

    The primitive British and French, when they fought in the US, both recruited Native Americans to help. Since I studied history in the US, I learned that the French started it by forming an alliance with a tribe, which extended to all that tribe’s allies. The British then formed an alliance with all the tribes who were enemies of the alliance supporting the French.

    The US, using modern methods instead of the palaeolithic methods of the British and French, knew they were at war with ALL the Native Americans and killed 99% of them, then put the survivors on reservations as tourist traps, which was the only advanced, civilised way of dealing with the Native American problem.

    In the Middle East, the British and French tried to form alliances with some of the tribes. This was totally and completely wrong. The tribes are all fighting each other, but the US leadership, having gotten a reasonable payment of baksheesh from the Saudis, is against EVERY other tribe, and MUST deal with the other tribes just as it dealt with the Native Americans (only there wasn’t a Native American tribe with Saudi money willing to pay baksheesh to elected American officials).

    The Brits or the Frogs would probably have allied with the natural enemies of the DA (formerly DA3SH in Arabic, or ISIS in English or ISIL in French). The natural enemies include the Syrian government and the Iranian government, but the US says it intends to destroy not just the DA, but also the illegal Syrian regime and the illegal Iranian regime, and any other regime the Saudis pay to have declared illegal and destroyed, which is the advanced, civilised approach to dealing with the tribes of the Middle East.

  6. Michael wme commented on Lisa Benson about 1 hour ago

    As Ms Benson accurately portrays, Obama is sending 3,000 members of the US military to wage war against the Ebola terrorists in Africa.

    Of course, Obama is violating the Constitution by not deporting all illegal aliens IMMEDIATELY! Just because there is a law prohibiting the deportation of children who are not from Canada or Mexico without a hearing, Obama has a Constitutional duty to deport them all with NO hearing, yet he violated the Constitution by asking Congress for money to expedite the hearings that are clearly prohibited, even though Congress passed a law mandating them. (Fortunately, Congress didn’t waste any money funding those unnecessary hearings.)

    On top of which, it has been proven that all of those children are infected with horrible diseases, including leprosy and ebola, and that many of them are members of the DA (formerly the DA3SH in Arabic, ISIS in English, or ISIL in French).

  7. Michael wme commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    For reasons that escape us all, the English said the Scots could vote on whether (or not) they wanted Great Britain to remain Great Britain (as opposed to Medium-sized Britain). I blame the Canooks, who keep giving the same permission to the French, who threaten, get concessions, and then vote ‘Non!’

    But this is giving people ideas all over. The Catalans and the Basques. The Eastern Ukrainians. The Texans. And who knows who else.

    And it’s all, ultimately, the Canook’s fault.

  8. Michael wme commented on Henry Payne 3 days ago

    It appears that Mr Payne did not watch Obama’s brilliant speech.

    When Obama took office, the US had combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every single combat troop has been permanently removed from Iraq, and Obama has promised to remove every single combat troop from Afghanistan before the end of this year. In his speech, Obama promised that, as long as he is president, the US will never wage war.

    Instead, the US will send many peacekeeping divisions to wherever there is any trouble in the world, and those heavily armed peacekeepers will make sure all those troublemakers are as peaceful as it is possible to be. The DA (formerly DA3SH in Arabic or ISIS in English or ISIL in French) will be completely destroyed, along with all their villages. After the end of this year, peacekeepers will replace all the combat troops in Afghanistan and will pacify all the troublemakers there, including all of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Syrian regime, whose fight against the DA has only made the DA stronger, will be pacified into total non-existence. The Iranian regime, who also threaten the peace, will be totally pacified by American peacekeepers.

    And if Russia continues to threaten the future member of NATO that is now the Ukraine, the US peacekeepers will show how Napoleon and Hitler SHOULD have pacified the atheistic commies in the USSR.

    So Obama is not making a U-turn, but a total transformation of the US military from combat to the most formidable peacekeeping organisation that has ever existed in the history of this planet! That tank, as well as the US drones and bombers and artillery shells and nukes, will all be re-painted with hearts and doves, as befits the most formidable Force for Peace that has ever gone out to make every troublemaker on the planet completely peaceful!

    (Will the Norwegians acknowledge that Obama has more than earned a repeat?)

  9. Michael wme commented on Tom Toles 3 days ago

    Our Founding Fathers knew the rabble could not be trusted to choose the President of the United States. Members of the gentry would run in each state, and the ordinary smallholder yeomen could decide which member of the gentry would get to vote for his state.

    Then the states voted to let anyone run, even people who didn’t own any land, and they ran by promising whom they would vote for. Of course, nothing in the Constitution says they have to keep that promise, but many states made it a criminal offence for a member of the Electoral College not to vote as the voters instructed him to vote.

    So what happens if, in a close race, some of our Electors from the College vote in a way that changes the outcome of the election? And then the President they chose pardons them for their state crimes?

    All we know is that, while many members of the Electoral College did not vote as they had been instructed, they only did so when their vote wouldn’t count.

    Will any of this happen in ’16? ’20? My hindsight is quite good, but my ability to prognosticate is quite myopic.