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  1. Pacopuddy commented on Lard's World Peace Tips about 17 hours ago

    As you say Bill – it doesn’t. Perhaps if politicians killed each other – but they’d never consider that.

  2. Pacopuddy commented on Last Kiss about 17 hours ago

    Good call John – she looks better with two eyes. (Though if you’d left the seductive wink she would have looked stink-o too , , , Mmmmm – now I’m not sure . . .

  3. Pacopuddy commented on Cathy about 17 hours ago

    Are you happy now, Irving?

    Well? Are you?

  4. Pacopuddy commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 17 hours ago

    There’s a black market unicorn horn trade? Here in the UK we can buy them quite openly (during unicorn season, obviously – aaaaaah! The Glorious Sixteenth!)

  5. Pacopuddy commented on Ten Cats about 17 hours ago

    DId exactly what you said, and lost the page anyway – but worth it. :)

  6. Pacopuddy commented on Half Full about 17 hours ago

    Hahahahahahaha – wish I’d said that.

  7. Pacopuddy commented on Lay Lines about 17 hours ago

    Interesting story. Carol has some imagination . . . but I wonder if, by reading cartoons, we are losing the ability to –

    Nah! Life doesn’t follow art.

  8. Pacopuddy commented on WuMo about 17 hours ago

    And why do I get the impression that her present standard is going to be hard to beat?

  9. Pacopuddy commented on Sarah's Scribbles about 17 hours ago

    Yep. This is me. I hate human huggers, but ’ickle furry-wurry aminals – oooooooh!

  10. Pacopuddy commented on Cul de Sac about 17 hours ago

    Amen to that.