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  1. Pacopuddy commented on Francis about 5 hours ago

    Sums it up.

  2. Pacopuddy commented on Bliss 1 day ago

    Just the usual skills required

  3. Pacopuddy commented on Savage Chickens 1 day ago

    I’l wait for the film, thank you.

  4. Pacopuddy commented on Reality Check 1 day ago

    I was thinking something similar – “I’ve looked everywhere.” Translated as – I raised my head and from where I was sitting took a cursory glance around the room. I couldn’t see it."

  5. Pacopuddy commented on Speed Bump 1 day ago

    Me, too! The expression on that dog’s face is priceless!

  6. Pacopuddy commented on Francis 3 days ago

    Those vestments get hot. It’s like being in a sauna. All I ever wear is a cassock and surplice, and I cook – can only imagine what it’s like in the pontiff’s duds.

    Hot as hell, I imagine.

  7. Pacopuddy commented on WuMo 3 days ago

    My brain has been like this since 1963.

  8. Pacopuddy commented on Speechless 3 days ago

    Not good enough, Len – you broke my heart. I can never forgive you.

    Oh, well – maybe just this once. But only because your cartoons are original and well-drawn and a joy to the mind and the eye.

    Just don’t milk it. . .

  9. Pacopuddy commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    I’m with you orinoco – this is a lovely gentle strip, and the artwork is superb. I can forgo constant hilarity for a bit of background cuteness – and it gives the characters depth, too.

    Reminds us of the love and loyalty there is in small children as well as what vivid imaginations they have.

  10. Pacopuddy commented on Raising Duncan 3 days ago

    Trust me – the warm spot will be big enough for both of you.