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  1. hy80 commented on The Big Picture almost 2 years ago

    I tried committing sucide but jumping off my desk didn’t work

  2. hy80 commented on The Big Picture almost 2 years ago

    If they dont experience things then they cant learn from their experienaces

  3. hy80 commented on Daddy's Home about 2 years ago

    27 times a day, is that a problem?

  4. hy80 commented on Fort Knox about 2 years ago

    Been there done that, used a fire hose

  5. hy80 commented on Herb and Jamaal over 2 years ago

    Could be the next to lastr episode of the current season also. That is always the surprise, unless you read the books

  6. hy80 commented on Jen Sorensen over 2 years ago

    Read the books Get your questions answered, except when the next book is coming out :)

  7. hy80 commented on Love Is... over 2 years ago

    Got me out, my wife couldn’t take the constant deployments

  8. hy80 commented on Grand Avenue almost 3 years ago


  9. hy80 commented on Tony Auth over 3 years ago

    so I guessthe social pograms have noting at all o do wit the deficit

  10. hy80 commented on Bliss over 3 years ago

    Since democrats in Califnrnia control 2/3 of the legislature they don’t need or pay attention to the republicans