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  1. Dogbarian commented on FoxTrot Classics 13 days ago

    Well, supposedly, there was this one guy that respawned once. But he was the programmer’s son, so it was probably a an exploit.

  2. Dogbarian commented on Overboard about 1 month ago

    I’ve tried them lots of ways and I pretty much don’t like them cooked. However, raw in salad is pretty good.

  3. Dogbarian commented on Red and Rover about 1 month ago

    I have a special bowl to feed my dog in, so he has to eat slow, otherwise, he throws it all back up in a few minutes. Many dogs don’t do well if they eat too fast.

  4. Dogbarian commented on FoxTrot Classics 2 months ago

    I’m over 50, and I still play video games as my primary form of entertainment. :) In fact, my wife and I play Diablo3 together.

  5. Dogbarian commented on FoxTrot 3 months ago

    Revisionist history. You know, like how they teach history in schools today.

  6. Dogbarian commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 3 months ago

    You know, we would see a lot less stupid tweets if this happened to every author.

  7. Dogbarian commented on Marmaduke 3 months ago

    One of mine will scratch at the bed multiple times, circle several times, and then go lie down on the floor next to it. Too funny.

  8. Dogbarian commented on Dog Eat Doug 3 months ago

    Yeah, I will collect all of the toys and put them in the box and an hour later, all of them are all spread out on the floor somewhere and my dog has a little pile of them in front of him (and he growls at the other girl if she gets too close to his pile).

  9. Dogbarian commented on Drabble 4 months ago

    Yeah, my dogs bite those things into chunks and swallow them. Not terribly successful. I have to get larger & tougher ones.

  10. Dogbarian commented on Get Fuzzy 4 months ago

    Which is where the phrase “the cat’s out of the bag now” (and other variants of same) comes from – the whip was kept in a leather bag until brought out for use.

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