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  1. Jor-El commented on Wizard of Id about 7 years ago


    It certainly smells, but…fishy?

  2. Jor-El commented on State of the Union about 7 years ago

    slug_queen, mytinytown

    Re: President Eisenhower’s health care plan

    I found an article posted by the American Heart Association (AHA):


    Eisenhower believed in a free market solution to health care. His proposal was very modest including the provision that health benefits be untaxed.

    (Incidentally, that is an issue that President Obama is debating within his own party.)

    The AHA cited a 1993 report from the Senate’s Democratic Policy Committee that Eisenhower’s proposal was a “middle ground” approach.

    While it was not universal health care, Eisenhower’s plan was nonetheless rejected by both sides of the debate who argued that the proposal was unnecessary or inadequate.

    The AHA noted that the stumbling block for health care reform has always been its “overcomprehensiveness”.

    The point made that Eisenhower was a Republican is an interesting one. His political leanings were not clear and both parties tried to recruit him in 1952.

  3. Jor-El commented on Pickles about 7 years ago

    What terrifies me is when a woman says, “We have to talk.”

    No, nobody has to talk. It never goes well.

  4. Jor-El commented on Overboard about 7 years ago

    Dogs read tone, inflections and facial expressions. If I say to my dog, Krypto, “Do you want to go…”, he’s already at the front door before I can even finish the sentence.

  5. Jor-El commented on Garfield about 7 years ago


    I’m a guy and he’s scaring me!

  6. Jor-El commented on The Duplex about 7 years ago


    It’s not just politicians. My science and philosophy classes always began with a stupid hypothetical question.

  7. Jor-El commented on Adam@Home about 7 years ago

    On family trips when we were driving by a cattle ranch, my sister and I would roll down the windows and yell, “Moooooo!”

  8. Jor-El commented on State of the Union about 7 years ago


    Kurdistan could be the key. Their territory was carved up amongst Iran, Iraq and Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and World War l. They have demanded their independence for a very long time.


    Your point is missed by far too many people.


    I agree. Each state was designed to be sort of an independent laboratory. Of course, the challenge has been to balance the sovereignty of the states with the authority of the federal government.


    Good point about post-war Germany and Japan. (I, too, honor your son.)

  9. Jor-El commented on Overboard about 7 years ago


    If you come back to read this, I believe the Green Crew are supposed to be pirates, too. (At least, that was the original storyline.)

  10. Jor-El commented on Reynolds Unwrapped about 7 years ago

    The step-mother is a welcome mat? I guess she’s used to getting walked over.