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  1. Pprey commented on Wizard of Id 2 days ago

    Best time in Spain is October November and December, the coldest months are Jan and Feb.

  2. Pprey commented on B.C. 2 days ago

    As a resident of southern Spain………………… what?

  3. Pprey commented on Shoe 4 days ago

    That’s not Mary ou Fencepost that’s Betty Ann Bricksh**house

  4. Pprey commented on B.C. 6 days ago

    Here its water melon(Sandia) from June until October.

  5. Pprey commented on Over the Hedge 6 days ago

    Cats are wild animals that live in your house.

  6. Pprey commented on Overboard 6 days ago

    I tried but I squashed my squash.

  7. Pprey commented on Garfield 9 days ago

    Try living on the south coast of Spain, off season, near a nudist area.

  8. Pprey commented on Over the Hedge 12 days ago

    Autocorrect is easy to fix …………… turn it off and LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

  9. Pprey commented on Barkeater Lake 14 days ago

    Love the name of the book shop.

  10. Pprey commented on Cul de Sac 14 days ago

    I read these in Spain and have no idea when they are posted, just glad they are.