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  1. Pprey commented on Cleats 1 day ago

    77º here at the moment dropping to a chilly 63º at night.

  2. Pprey commented on Bob the Squirrel 7 days ago

    Congratulations to you both.

  3. Pprey commented on Fort Knox 12 days ago

    Careful Donald, those things cost an arm and a leg.

  4. Pprey commented on Non Sequitur 14 days ago

    That glitch seems to end 50 metres to the left, gentle curve in the trail … no glitch, no sign no problem.

  5. Pprey commented on Barkeater Lake 17 days ago

    I have got four, they all have hair.

  6. Pprey commented on Barkeater Lake 18 days ago

    What sort of dog has fur?

  7. Pprey commented on The Grizzwells 18 days ago

    Whats all this about coffee keeping you awake? I drink coffee before I go to bed

  8. Pprey commented on The Grizzwells 21 days ago

    Gunther you´re a BEAR. In rock paper scissors that watchdog would be a pair of nail scissors and you would be the moon.

  9. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy 25 days ago

    British tradition says it was the Italians who ran, the French just gave up, being too laid back(lazy) to run.

  10. Pprey commented on Loose Parts 26 days ago

    Oh look, the daughter of Prof Higgs has got her bows on.