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  1. Pprey commented on The Barn 4 days ago

    After I pick my seat I start the engine and drive away, its a leon.

  2. Pprey commented on In the Bleachers 5 days ago

    Are they both on the same side?

  3. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy 6 days ago

    Remember, if you invade France you win ….. THE FRENCH!

  4. Pprey commented on Non Sequitur 8 days ago

    What evil lurks in the hearts of women?
    Answer:- All of it!

  5. Pprey commented on Shoe 8 days ago

    If you want to harness the output of politicians I´m thinking TREADMILL!

  6. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy 9 days ago

    Boris Johnson was born the US so he could run so maybe Mac was born in New England?

  7. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    Maybe he should build a wall, oh, wait, that’s been done before. Didn´t work then either.

  8. Pprey commented on Bob the Squirrel 10 days ago

    Getting as much exercise as possible before the winter fur kicks in.

  9. Pprey commented on Non Sequitur 10 days ago

    What´s a bear claw? (The first one to say “everything” gets the comfy chair!)

  10. Pprey commented on Barkeater Lake 11 days ago

    You come over here, Chuck, I feel like getting hammered.