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  1. Pprey commented on Cleats about 9 hours ago

    When they said football I thought they meant the proper game where the ball is mainly kicked, not the US version where it is mainly carried or passed hand to hand like an overly protected form of rugby.

  2. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy about 10 hours ago

    Satchels face in panel 3 just great.

  3. Pprey commented on The Barn 1 day ago

    I know how you all feel, its only 21ºc here, brrrr.

  4. Pprey commented on Adam@Home 2 days ago

    Probably not Turkey.

  5. Pprey commented on Ink Pen 3 days ago

    You live in Ankh-Morpork on the discworld?

  6. Pprey commented on Over the Hedge 5 days ago

    No the that is “Nous nous rendons et fuyons”

  7. Pprey commented on Ink Pen 6 days ago

    A word of advice, if you try to con someone don´t pick on the norse god of war!

  8. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy 6 days ago

    I know how breakfast and tea got their names but lunch, dinner, tiffin and supper?

  9. Pprey commented on Get Fuzzy 7 days ago

    Love the last three panels!

  10. Pprey commented on Bob the Squirrel 12 days ago

    Looks like a maize you imitator!