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  1. Godfreydaniel commented on Lio 1 day ago

    But you have to want to change first…….

  2. Godfreydaniel commented on Bloom County 2015 1 day ago

    Penguins are from Mars, women are from…….do we really want to know?

  3. Godfreydaniel commented on Back to B.C. 1 day ago

    A pearl of a poem!

  4. Godfreydaniel commented on Wizard of Id Classics 1 day ago

    Not even muskrats love muskrat………

  5. Godfreydaniel commented on Peanuts Begins 1 day ago

    Chico Marx made most other piano players look pretty silly (but of course that’s kind of an acquired taste…….)

  6. Godfreydaniel commented on Thatababy 1 day ago

    The best heart attacks are the ones that girls give you…….

  7. Godfreydaniel commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    @Night-Gaunt49 (from yesterday)

    Please stop playing the “they are stupid” game, it is worthless and disingenuous.
    Although you are quite a bit to the left of me, I tend to respect you and I would hope that you in turn respect me. I am NOT playing a “game” when it comes to Trump. Trump has proven over and over that he doesn’t know a damn thing about foreign policy, domestic policy, the constitution of the United States of America, history, or current events. He has publicly (and proudly) proven himself to be a worthless bigot. What would you call Trump supporters—“wise”?????

  8. Godfreydaniel commented on Brevity 2 days ago

    Whether playing chess or love against a woman, the male is usually in check…….

  9. Godfreydaniel commented on Bound and Gagged 2 days ago

    A Kansas City robot can solve Rubik’s Cube in less than a second…….but he can’t get into heaven in less than an aeon!

  10. Godfreydaniel commented on Tank McNamara 2 days ago

    Repeat after me: a poll is not an election!