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  1. then00b commented on Robert Ariail about 1 hour ago

    Democrats actually care enough to recognize the problem, it was clear the republican debates were geared at taking down Trump, problem was all the other candidates sucked anyways, and the gop base are generally attracted to the loudest voice in the room, regardless of content.
    Even if you were to leak emails, voicemails, direct quotes etc that the rnc specifically tried to rig their primaries to get Trump the hell out of there, no one would give a damn.

  2. then00b commented on Robert Ariail about 11 hours ago

    Generally they refer to signatures or similar patterns in attacks that would make them think one group or another, dunno what they mean specifically but just randomly guessing is rather stupid and would signal to other countries that they really have no clue.

  3. then00b commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    Hard to say, the ellectorate are still fairly dumb, congress’s approval rating is basically constantly in the single digits but they have incredibly high incumbency.
    And most people don’t seem to get that congress is the one that writes laws, sets budgets, and declares wars, they seem to think the president can magically do all of it by themselves.

  4. then00b commented on Jim Morin 2 days ago

    Wasn’t that McCain?

  5. then00b commented on Jim Morin 3 days ago

    Yeah, damned Obama, letting Bin Laden keep living and stuff, and not drone striking the crap out of everyone.

  6. then00b commented on Jim Morin 3 days ago

    Because Trump bankrupts so many companies he has trouble getting loans from any banks here, so where do you think he gets his money from? And why do Trump and Putin sound oddly cozy especially essentially stabbing our allies in the back? Then inviting a foreign government to commit espionage? That’s almost pushing treason, short of actually bringing along a Russian agent to take one of his Secret Service detail’s credentials or something.

  7. then00b commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    Mostly, thus why I’m not sure if they actually went through with it wasn’t watching every debate too closely. I would think they knew that they’d also piss off a lot of nones if they did it anyways, but they also recognize there are parts of the country that make it so that atheists are still among the most distrusted demographic.

  8. then00b commented on Jim Morin 5 days ago

    Not sure that rigged is quite the right word for it, the GOP did basically similar things I think to try to keep Trump from the win. Though I’ve not looked at the emails much, not a fan of looking at the results of a hack. But aiming questions like the question of his faith is a tactic they can use if they think that’s what voters will be swung by, stupid as it is, I don’t recall if they actually used that in a debate though.
    I suppose the problem the GOP faced is they underestimated just how uncontrollable as Bobby Jindal put it “the stupid party” would be in picking a leader. Trump is essentially the worst parts of Romney and Palin put together, rich jerk that bankrupts companies and likes to fire people, and a complete idiot, of course the GOP base would love him.

  9. then00b commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    They’re always heavily scripted, like that “vote” on whether or not to add god to the party platform or something, may even happen again.

  10. then00b commented on Tom Toles 7 days ago

    Wasn’t Hitler too?