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  1. bhudgins commented on Bloom County about 4 years ago

    Might want to change your quarry: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/320382

  2. bhudgins commented on Matt Bors over 4 years ago

    In the days of whaling, “Saving the whale” meant using every possible scrap, wringing every drop of oil out of the carcass….

  3. bhudgins commented on Bob Gorrell about 6 years ago

    Bob, that is “divisive” not “devisive”. They teach spelling in ESL classes….

  4. bhudgins commented on John Sherffius about 6 years ago

    “No, Sherf, the GOP is less distressed over this blizzard than the warming nutcases are. But you’re too dense to grasp that obvious fact, too dense to depict Gore or Obama out in the snow screaming “No, no!””

    I guess Agent 007 never met-a-phor that he liked, since he totally missed the point here.

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