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  1. shyrobb commented on Close to Home about 1 year ago

    You might not like the smell.

  2. shyrobb commented on Aunty Acid about 1 year ago

    My dog Pretty Gigi (The dog in my profile pic) will come running as soon as she hears the food drop. It can be but a crumb dropping and she hears it. She also can be in another room and she will hear it drop and come running.

  3. shyrobb commented on Loose Parts over 1 year ago

    It looks like the ugly green shag carpeting I remember back in my childhood way back in the 1970’s. We had a small dog that would disappear in that carpet.

  4. shyrobb commented on Flo and Friends over 1 year ago

    I think this is in reference to the old cliche " A Watched Pot Never Boils".

  5. shyrobb commented on Dog Eat Doug almost 3 years ago

    I have a female dog and she does the leg lift to trees and bushes and stop signs and so forth.

  6. shyrobb commented on Understanding Chaos almost 3 years ago

    Living in South Florida I’m gonna have to add this!

  7. shyrobb commented on Brewster Rockit almost 3 years ago

    All the dates seem to be correct except Dec. 12, 2010. So I don’t know when he got his head stuck in Oldbot.

  8. shyrobb commented on Daddy's Home over 3 years ago

    When I was a kid I took my Flintstones vitamins. Now that I’m an adult I take some boring stuff.

  9. shyrobb commented on Thatababy over 3 years ago

    I wish I could have been young enough to not know what that is! lol

  10. shyrobb commented on Sunny Street over 3 years ago

    I’m hungry for this competition. I will lick them all!