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  1. JackiAnne commented on NEUROTICA 3 days ago

    Your trainer is #2 on the list of people not to tick off (the people who handle your food is #1).

  2. JackiAnne commented on Lio 7 days ago

    Naked and Afraid: The Time Travel Edition

  3. JackiAnne commented on Brewster Rockit 14 days ago

    Actually, Brewster is missing one word…interpersonal. Comments and flame wars aren’t communication, they’re just blather. Interpersonal communication, however, is much more fulfilling. That said, let the flame wars commence.

  4. JackiAnne commented on Rip Haywire 16 days ago

    I am oddly charmed by this strip.

  5. JackiAnne commented on The Buckets 16 days ago

    My dad was drinking iced coffee in the seventies. It’s not a new thing.

  6. JackiAnne commented on HUBRIS! 21 days ago

    When all is quiet in front of you, better check what’s going on behind you.

  7. JackiAnne commented on Rip Haywire 22 days ago

    That’s why there was smoke coming out of his nostrils, not from all the other stuff in the note.

  8. JackiAnne commented on For Better or For Worse 22 days ago

    Just make sure you get a job, too, so you can pay for your own insurance.

  9. JackiAnne commented on Cathy 24 days ago

    That’s one of the things that drives me crazy about real estate agents. Sure, they’re trying to sell you on the potential of the house, but how about enjoying the house as is? When I was working with a homebuilder designing my house, they (and my agent) kept pushing upgrades and talking about resale value. “Oh, go for the Jacuzzi tub. It’ll be a great resale value when you go to sell the house.” Excuse me, I’m designing this house for me to live in, not just so I can turn around and sell it.

  10. JackiAnne commented on NEUROTICA 24 days ago

    Don’t confuse her with the facts and the truth.