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  1. Kerovan commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 14 hours ago

    Plankton is pretty much the Sea’s version of grass. There’s a lot of it around and it’s not limited to a 2D surface either. That and Krill (tiny shrimp) are the bottom of the food chain and reproduce accordingly.

  2. Kerovan commented on B.C. about 16 hours ago

    Used to be so anyway. Since the 12 inch snow that closed everything for a week in the mid-90’s, an Inch will close schools for a morning unless it’s a hilly area.

  3. Kerovan commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    I like to investigate charities before I give to them. You’d be surprised how little goes to the supposed recipients sometimes. There are organizations that rate charities on how much of the Net (ie after expenses) goes to the intended recipients. I won’t donate unless that amount is at least 90% because no matter how good the cause my donation is more useful if more of it gets where it’s supposed to go.

  4. Kerovan commented on FoxTrot Classics 19 days ago

    You’re actually right. There are aggressive selling viruses that annoy you until you buy the program they are selling, which might remove the selling virus but doesn’t do anything else. The worst virus I’ve ever fought was the “thinkpoint” virus. It took me 2 days to clean it off my sister’s computer and I missed something so I had to do it again a few days later. At that time there wasn’t any program that could remove it and I doubt there are any now. It’s a monster.

  5. Kerovan commented on FoxTrot Classics 19 days ago

    Federal law requires Spammers put a link at the bottom of the email in case you want to opt out. Nowhere in that law does it say the link has to work so at best you’ve just told them they have a valid address.

  6. Kerovan commented on Bleeker: The Rechargeable Dog 19 days ago

    My sister and her friend once tried to go through a McDonald’s Drive-Thru, riding their horses. That didn’t work either.

  7. Kerovan commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 24 days ago

    Orbit6 I expect. That or reaching a point where the instruments can begin their mission.

  8. Kerovan commented on Wizard of Id 26 days ago

    I remember years ago when Hart did this. The Wiz couldn’t stop the rain for several strips. Then he decided to make it rain for 30 years and everything dried up. He said “There’s a basic flaw in my magic.”

  9. Kerovan commented on Non Sequitur 27 days ago

    I find coal quite interesting myself. Carbon dating is (supposedly) accurate only to 75 thousand years now but no form of carbon on earth cannot be carbon dated. That includes coal beds millions of years old. Seems we need to revise that scale some doesn’t it.

  10. Kerovan commented on FoxTrot 28 days ago

    And yes, spelled that way it’s a made-up word.