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  1. Kerovan commented on Frazz about 13 hours ago

    Santa Claus and Saint Nickolas are two separate concept, that got confused a long time ago. He existed before Coca Cola started it’s ad campaigns though. They only changed the outfit he wore to their colors.

  2. Kerovan commented on Rip Haywire 8 days ago

    OK, Stepmom then.

  3. Kerovan commented on Non Sequitur 8 days ago

    That’s been the traditional outfit ever since a Coca Cola artist made the first of their Santa Ads, and dressed him in Coke’s colors. =)

  4. Kerovan commented on Frazz 8 days ago

    Rumor has it there will be a remake of that series, titled the Six Billion Dollar Man.

  5. Kerovan commented on Andy Capp 8 days ago

    Actually nobody knows the true Birthday of Christ. It probably happened in the Spring or Summer since Shepherds were in the fields with their flocks, Winters get very cold around Bethlehem. The first known celebration of Christmas on Dec. 25th was 336AD, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December.

  6. Kerovan commented on Shoe 14 days ago

    An Uncle of mine was in his house when a car left the road, came across his yard and hit his car. The company actually cancelled his insurance. I’m sure he had other accidents on his record but that’s still outrageous.

  7. Kerovan commented on Non Sequitur 14 days ago

    The terrain had a lot to do with that.

  8. Kerovan commented on Wizard of Id 14 days ago

    I once knew someone that would brew coffee as strong as he possibly could, then add Folger’s instant. I’m surprised his spoon never melted.

  9. Kerovan commented on Shoe 19 days ago

    Will Rogers once said: “Be thankful we aren’t getting all the Government we’re paying for.”
    I have to agree.

  10. Kerovan commented on Calvin and Hobbes 19 days ago

    Calvin probably tried putting rockets on the back or something