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  1. legaleagle48 commented on For Better or For Worse about 15 hours ago

    No, the difference between good grammar and substandard English. Dialogue v. prose has nothing to do with it — there is no different standard for the written language as opposed to the spoken language.

  2. legaleagle48 commented on MythTickle about 24 hours ago

    Ms. Nature seems surprised that Thor got one right — until he blew it!

  3. legaleagle48 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    What kind of sexist, homophobic crack is that?

  4. legaleagle48 commented on Marmaduke 3 days ago

    I think Marm’s about to find himself in a whole lot of trouble!

  5. legaleagle48 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Why would he go back to Australia? He’s a Theater major at Moony U who is here on a student visa. That has absolutely nothing to do with Luann.

  6. legaleagle48 commented on Peanuts 3 days ago

    You just love to live dangerously, don’t you, Snoopy?

  7. legaleagle48 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 days ago

    Excuse me? Native Utahan here.

  8. legaleagle48 commented on Garfield 5 days ago

    Jon was set up by Garfield and Odie. They pretended to be so out of it that Jon thought he could prank them by giving them table scraps (which is what they REALLY wanted) instead of their regular food without their noticing the difference). In other words, the joke was on Jon, not on them.

  9. legaleagle48 commented on Garfield 6 days ago

    What makes you think that Garfield was ever neutered? He’d never allow it. Nope, he’s 100% pure tomcat, with all of his parts intact!

  10. legaleagle48 commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    And this explains Irving!