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  1. fleebell commented on On A Claire Day 6 days ago

    That depends on whether you want customers to look for you when they come in the store next time. Building up a list of customers by actually helping them so that always look for you when they come in to buy something works out fairly well when you work on commission like these type of store clerks do.

  2. fleebell commented on Betty 8 days ago

    From what I’ve seen in the last couple of ‘art’ galleries I went to, I would just as soon ride around and look at street graffiti on buildings. At least that stuff makes sense most of the time.

  3. fleebell commented on Eek! 10 days ago

    If you really stop and think about it you will realize that it does work in stone. The bits in the computer chips ARE technically make out of rock!

  4. fleebell commented on Gray Matters 10 days ago

    Our last real hardware store closed about 5-6 years ago. Now we have Lowes which is OK for plumbing and lumber and just about useless for anything else. I really miss that little hardware store!

  5. fleebell commented on Heart of the City 10 days ago

    14 dolls Ya missed one somehow

  6. fleebell commented on Rubes 17 days ago

    The latest stupid scientist idea is that the neanderthals died out because when modern humans moved north they were two stupid to make winter parkas. The fact that they lived through the entire ice age up north just fine doesn’t seem to occur to the so called scientists.

  7. fleebell commented on Reality Check 17 days ago

    Yea, they should and then they should be run out of town before dark to keep them from stealing chickens! ha ha ha

  8. fleebell commented on The Flying McCoys 18 days ago

    Front forks are on backwards!

  9. fleebell commented on Human Cull 25 days ago

    I found a good way to make them stop or at least move their car. I just ride my mobility scooter around to the front of the car and then take their picture. If they ask me why I tell them I run a website labeled “Local idiots than can’t read signs” They ALWAYS immediately move their cars to the parking lot where they belong. I’ve had a couple get belligerent and threaten me but I’m not a small guy and I carry a 3 foot steel 1/2" diameter cane with me. They think twice about it at that point and get back into their car.

  10. fleebell commented on The Buckets 25 days ago

    then you should watch me as I always obey the lights and signs. It’s not worth getting hit by someone in a 3-5000 pound car as far as I’m concerned. I’m not one of those roadie type bikers either. I ride a recumbent trike. I do find stoplights that won’t pick my trike up and change rather annoying though. I always have to wait for some car to come up and trip the sensors for them.