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  1. fleebell commented on Frazz about 6 hours ago

    Maybe you should stop putting things down that other people do and try a few of them. My father has found jewelry and all kinds of other stuff with one of them. If that’s people want to do with their time it’s their business too and not yours. From all the complaints about your life you post on here I really wonder. Have YOU ever done ANYTHING worthwhile with your life or do you just set around and complain about others all the time?

  2. fleebell commented on Frazz about 6 hours ago

    I like making them mad myself. I do home metal casting and pouring molten aluminum in a fire ant mound makes for some interesting sculptures. It tends to kill that fire ant mound too which is a bonus.

  3. fleebell commented on On A Claire Day 2 days ago

    That depends on what you happen to think is a good life. I know plenty of people that do blue collar jobs that make a good living. I also know people with a college degree working at fast food joints. It’s not the education , it’s the person and their willing to work to make a life for themselves. Your message above proves something to me and that is you would rather complain than actually work for a good life. If you don’t have any faith in yourself and your abilities don’t expect anyone else to have any either. Fantasies only happen when someone puts the work into them to make them happen. Otherwise you might just as well buy lottery tickets because you have just as small a chance of winning in life.

  4. fleebell commented on Overboard 2 days ago

    Good shot Henry! Right below the water line. Use explosive gunpowder shells and that modern thin walled metal ship will sink in no time flat.

  5. fleebell commented on Drabble 4 days ago

    And if it’s a LIPO type squeezing it could make it blow up and burn down your house. Squeezing batteries is not a good idea no matter what type they are. Don’t believe everything you see on Youtube!

  6. fleebell commented on The Bent Pinky 10 days ago

    Don’t feel bad. Most other PHD’s are pretty useless too.

  7. fleebell commented on The Academia Waltz 10 days ago

    I just want to know how he’s driving that bug with non functional legs… I don’t see any hand controls.

  8. fleebell commented on Betty 10 days ago

    I don’t think I would allow a phone company access to my bank account. Not with all the pretend fees they try to tack on to them.

  9. fleebell commented on Adam@Home 12 days ago

    I agree with you Bill. I haven’t found anything yet I couldn’t handle either.

  10. fleebell commented on The Meaning of Lila 15 days ago

    There wasn’t anything insulting in what she said. I have a few friends that are gay and they DO as a general rule know how to throw a good party!