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  1. fleebell commented on Drabble about 22 hours ago

    According to the latest scientific studies, children get their intelligence from their mother and not their father. So don’t blame him because the son is an idiot.

  2. fleebell commented on Flo and Friends 3 days ago

    Keep looking….. heat isn’t an element

  3. fleebell commented on Grand Avenue 7 days ago

    Actually the tree doe fit the ‘religious reference" . The trouble is that it’s really a reference to a different religion than Christian. The Christian religion adopted that one. That’s OK though as no one really cares anyway.

  4. fleebell commented on Cornered 13 days ago

    I don’t mean to insult you but could it have been because weren’t going to go in that direction?

  5. fleebell commented on Marmaduke 13 days ago

    We had a chicken that would chase cats up trees. Then she would fly up into the tree and chase them right off the end of the branches. I’ve seen a number of cats fall 20’ out of one of the trees. They rarely ever came back into our yard again.

  6. fleebell commented on Herb and Jamaal 15 days ago

    Why do women feel they have to bring every bag in the car at the same time? Is making two trips ALL that hard? My wife does the same thing and tends to kick the front door to get my attention to come open it. That’s silly….. just make two trips!

  7. fleebell commented on B.C. 20 days ago

    This planet has cycled back and forth between iceball and ice fully melted a number of times over it’s history. It’s caused the precession in our planet’s spin and our orbit around the sun.At the moment we are headed to the fully melted end of the cycle. We have sped up the melting a bit but we are not the cause of it.In a few thousand years when the cycle starts the other way people will be complaining about it getting colder too.

  8. fleebell commented on Betty 24 days ago

    People used to use those to hack phones systems to let them make long distance calls for free. There were 4 different note you could get that was part of the control system. People also used to make small sound boxes (electronic) that would make the same sounds… those were much easier to use than the whistles to do the same thing.

  9. fleebell commented on Wizard of Id Classics 25 days ago

    They both also forgot the shields!

  10. fleebell commented on Ballard Street 25 days ago

    Since it looks like he is snapping the equivalent of 2×4 railing I believe I would let the man have his space alone for a bit. :)