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  1. Teflonknight commented on Birdbrains 4 months ago

    Maybe he should try being a baygull..“rim shot”

  2. Teflonknight commented on Get Fuzzy about 3 years ago

    Bumble Bear is actually a character on the old wuzzles cartoon.

  3. Teflonknight commented on Close to Home about 3 years ago

    So you can’t die until you pay your parking tickets? That’s the ticket to immortality.

  4. Teflonknight commented on The Argyle Sweater over 3 years ago

    Actually there were female transformers in the original cartoon. They had been hiding on Cybertron. Arcee was a main character in season three.

  5. Teflonknight commented on Adam@Home almost 4 years ago

    The online stores are owned by the big chainstores.

  6. Teflonknight commented on Cornered about 4 years ago

    We always complain about the corporate executives and their salaries, but if we were offered that position with those salaries and benefits would any of us really turn it down?

  7. Teflonknight commented on Moderately Confused about 4 years ago

    Americans are so cute how they go after their politicians private lives and ignore policies. It makes me feel so secure that they control so many WMDs.

  8. Teflonknight commented on Thatababy about 4 years ago

    They don’t have wii remotes so I’m guessing it is the Xbox Kinect.

  9. Teflonknight commented on Get Fuzzy over 4 years ago

    Uhmmm….dogs and cats can eat raw meat without getting sick.

  10. Teflonknight commented on Cul de Sac over 4 years ago

    I like how the sound of Alice’s toy changes after the encounter. POP to pip.