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  1. kayncmmt GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Stahler almost 2 years ago

    Mr. Stahler,

    Normally, you & I have quite similar opinions but not this time. If the Pope had any genuine respect for the “public” much less the many millions of Catholics all over the world, he would never have allowed any sort of cover up of pedophile priests. He certainly wouldn’t have been actively involved in the world-wide cover up of their activities, sheilding them from prosecution, and moving them around to different parishes to victimize more children. He has long cared more for the appearance of the church than he has for the mental or spiritual welfare of those Christianity claims to serve. He and many others should be rotting in jail.

  2. kayncmmt GoComics Pro Member commented on Chuck Asay almost 2 years ago

    Wow Chuck, way to be completely uninformed. Hobby Lobby’s offered health insurance covered contraception as a matter of course, then this whole debate came up. They checked their policy, and eliminated the coverage.

    Their beliefs can’t really be that strong since they didn’t even know they offered contraceptive coverage in the first place! That’s why i feel their complaints and lawsuits on this matter are completely hypocritical, attention seeking, piles of s**t. I’ve stopped doing business with them.

    If you are one of those people who is against abortion, and you choose to have sex, make sure you use contraception. Since when does a corporation get to decide whether it’s employees, married or not, are allowed to decide for themselves when and if they will have children?